The Amusement Arcade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Deleted by Poster who despite a generous intention, forgot this was arrse and that even on Xmas Day, the whiners are still afoot.

    Have a good un :wink:
  2. Crikey! And I thought Wan King was a town in China
  3. :D

  4. :wink: That's a really bad suggestion Litotes, and I'm surprised you mentioned it. How am i supposed to achieve that? I haven't had enough sauce yet and can't remember ever owning a keyhole spycam anyhow. And if anyone thinks I'm parting with my balls or going without "treats" today..... anyway I'm too busy looking for a Troll killer.
  5. Rip off IQ test wants money to tell you the result. Does anyone know what the IQ is for someone who got 100% correct on it?
  6. 80. you wer'nt meant to answer them all, remember you should now just have a peice of paper with your name at top left and the date at top right!!!!
  7. alot of that CFNM stuff, seems like another day for 3para mortar...
  8. is straight...but an exercise in role-reversal...sexified.