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Deleted by Poster who despite a generous intention, forgot this was arrse and that even on Xmas Day, the whiners are still afoot.

Have a good un :wink:
Tremaine said:
My girlfriend just remarked that there's no reason to be bored at home as there's 1001 things to do, she says, locked in the bathroom for several hours pampering herself. So for anyone else left to amuse themselves, here's one or two that might be worth a gander, and since we're all skint now , no one's encouraging any impulse purchases. Just for fun.

Just Ask Men (UK Beta)


An online museum of authentic Victorian-era British military photographs


Boys Toys:

Military History Online:



IQ Test:

Performance Cars:

Hobby Planet:

Lasting Tributes:

Taking photographs of your girlfriend in the bathroom and posting them to:



:wink: That's a really bad suggestion Litotes, and I'm surprised you mentioned it. How am i supposed to achieve that? I haven't had enough sauce yet and can't remember ever owning a keyhole spycam anyhow. And if anyone thinks I'm parting with my balls or going without "treats" today..... anyway I'm too busy looking for a Troll killer.
Rip off IQ test wants money to tell you the result. Does anyone know what the IQ is for someone who got 100% correct on it?
80. you wer'nt meant to answer them all, remember you should now just have a peice of paper with your name at top left and the date at top right!!!!
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