The Ammo Techs Cookbook!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pretty_Vacant, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Who in the name of God is reponsible for the picture and caption on page 599 of the latest Corps Rag? I know soldiers are voting with their feet and choosing sensible trades where you don't have the prospect of spending your life at the mercy of a pager and the Ops Room, but is such advertising really expected to motivate the typical trog to apply to become an AT?
  2. Have'nt seen the latest copy of Egg Chef Monthly yet. Can you show us.
  3. Can't - the scanners broke and DLO is skint! Sorry.
  4. Someone who is either a punk or believes in the Chaos theory. Not sure why you would use the Anarchy symbol to advertise anything military.

    Would have thought cookbook would imply making IED material not disarming a ticking clock.
    Sure they thought Cooking tie in was good for the RLC Ethos at the time but lets be honest it is a naff waste of half a page..
  5. It is moderately cringeworthy but I'm sure there is a rational explanation which someone from the 11th's finest will guide us through, anonymously of course!
  6. Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this - weirdest coincidence I've come across for a while though. I sit here in my glass and concrete tower surveying the bit of Bristol that I can see just trying to stay sane until the bar opens!
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Can't see any mention of the picture in the article. Must be a bit of larging it to space fill.

    Looking at the style of text I think the picture may be from "camouflage magazine". No mention of that in the text either.
  8. Just proving how dim I am, but I thought it was an advert for some book being released. Nice to see the clock is ticking but he is protected by his flash resistant rolled up sleeves. The question is, has the bomber set a few memopark timers to go off at the same time around that garage, just to put the willies up the LCpl team leader there?