The Amish Murders

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by the_guru, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. No link to this, but I have just heard on 5Live on the way in that the Amish Community has visited the family of the man who murdered the 5 girls in the class shootings a couple of days back, and intend to share the money raised with them. It is selfless acts like this, in these days of "Whats in it for me?" that restores my faith in the Human Kind. I read all the time of shootings, bombs, etc etc, and it was so refreshing to hear an uplifting story and felt it deserved to be shared.
  2. Well done the Amish community.
  3. Putting aside any reservations about their lifestyle for one moment.. that is quite a wonderful thing to read.

    Repaying acts of wickedness with outstanding grace and humility is quite humbling.
  4. I realise, BSL, that I am picking on one word, but why would you have any reservations about their lifestyle? Their choice of lifestyle could have absolutely no impact on you and me whatsoever; they abhore all forms of technology.

  5. It just goes to show they are genuinely, lovely people.
  6. I admire their gesture immensely and I respect their traditional values.

    My reservation, is a non-strident one, and that would be that mainly the social and spiritual conditioning of such communities tend to create a gulf between themselves and world, making it a painful journey for its adherents who wish to relate to the wider world. Bringing children into such a rarified atmosphere is ethically questionable and spiritually challenging. It's a form of heavy conditioning which is legalistic and authoritarian, taking biblical teaching with some questionable interpretations.

    Although this gesture is significant and should be applauded for what it is. Wonderful.

    If I've sullied this thread. Apologies now.
  7. Boomshackalacker my pal, I don't think you've sullied the thread. I think your reservation is totally human. It is interesting to note that the Amish community has tripled since the 1960's though - so they're doing something right?

    It would be interesting to know how they police their community though. Do they have a drugs problem, alcohol related problems? Is there a sheriff or police force, or is there no crime?

    Anyone got any ideas on how these gentle people run their community?
  8. Sir, you're a gentleman and a scholar!

    Some guff on the Amish
  9. This Amish section is about the area in question:

    Click here
  10. They're a bunch of in-bred luddite freaks with a fanatical ancient belief system based on a cross between arcane superstition and chinese whispers. Christianity that is, of course. They're gentle because they marry their cousins and their gene pool has bred out any signs of independent thought.
  11. Have you visited the planet Earth?
  12. You are a cnut. Are you confusing them with the Welsh? How about accept the fact that they are showing incredible humility, and doing something that I don't think I would have the cojones to do. You speak of them like you have an intimate knowledge of the way they cut about. Is that all from one Harrison Ford film?. Come on oh mighty one, enlighten us. What did they do to you?
  13. Come on, guru, as a squaddie I therefore reserve the right to be completely and utterly obnoxious to every minority group on the planet. It's right in the middle of QRs I think.

    You a bit of an anti-Taff then?

    By the way they are definitely in-bred luddites. It's practically the Wikipedia description of an Amish or a Mennonite.
  14. I have a downer on the Welsh and IS Supervisors....
  15. I can't see how you can call them Luddites. Luddites prevent others from using the technology. The Amish don't stop anyone else doing what they do but have their own attitudes towards the outside world. It's no different to someone refusing to buy an iPod because they prefer vinyl. You, as an iPod owner, might find it weird that someone else doesn't want to have the benefits of the product but you can't make them buy it.