The American way with PTSD

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. I know Mac(the Author of that). Good dude, former USN before he became a Soldier. You should'a seen him at the World Trade Center Disaster. Last time I saw him they were putting him aboard the Medevac chopper on the way to the Green Zone CSH.

    He got screwed bad from what I heard by the Medical Assessment Board, and no help from the admin staff of his unit when he finally came home.
  2. One problem with the US perspective on PTSD is that for years they did not accept that females could not get PTSD as they were not designated as combat troops. Total nonsense of course. Many years ago I had a secretary who was a LCDR in USNR. She had served in Vietnam and saw lots of very unpleasant stuff re wounded troops (mainly USMC) and had had to do many procedures that should have been done by doctors but were done by nurses as the doctors were flat-out busy. She tried to go back to surgical nursing but had flashbacks in the OR so back to office work.

    One good thing Bush 43 did was to appoint an advisory commission of woman veterans to advise the Veterans Admin. on the needs of women veterans. Now the VA is aware of womens PTSD. Also the VA hospitals have started keeping woman specific drugs on hand so they can properly treat woman vets.
  3. I was speaking to a bloke from 1RIFLES who said a RAF Groundcrew bloke got PTSD cause he heard a round go off about 500 metres away.
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  10. I don't want to gob off over a serious post unlike some of the above.

    I was diagnosed PTSD earlier on this year, I thought it was just because of more stress at work, economic crisis, fear of redundancy etc.
    I didn't think for one minute it was PTSD as I left the mob 8 years ago after doing a full stint.
    Once my GP asked what I did and what had happened previously my treatment got a whole lot different.
    I was assessed by an NHS mental health unit and referred to a counselor also a Combat Strees Rep came and assessed me as well.
    At present I am recieving EMDR therapy (Developed in USA) from the NHS and I'm waiting to go into a Combat Stress House.
    What amazed me was the tens of different ways that PTSD can manifest itself, even one third party experience can result in laughter from some but is absolutely terrifying to another.
    You don't have to have been in a 10 week fire fight to score enough points to be traumatised.
    It might not show at the time but can be many years later, believe me, I know
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  12. Without treatment it doesn't go away.
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