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The Amazing Claude

The Amazing Claude was hired to provide an evening of light entertainment at the Care Home.

The communal room was packed with residents, relatives and carers.

The Amazing Claude commenced his act. Unlike most hypnotists who took volunteers from the audience, he announced that he was going to hypnotise the whole audience.

He produced a beautiful gold pocket watch.
" I want you all to fix your eyes upon this watch, it's been in my family for generations."
All eyes swung to the watch.
The amazing Claude began to intone..
"Watch the watch..Watch the watch"

"Watch the watch..Watch the watch."

The audience became mesmerised and eyes started drooping as the light softly glistened off its golden case. Hundreds of eyes followed its movement back and forth..back and forth..
"watch the watch..watch the watch......
Suddenly, the watch slipped from the Amazing Claude's' fingers.

"SHIT !!" He cried.

It took a month to clean up the mess.

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