The alternative top five

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Catnip_Toy, Mar 7, 2003.

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  1. The top five places you have always wanted to do it but have yet to succeed.....

    The back of the mess
    The back of the firing range
    The back of a warrior
    The back of a lynx
    The back of the CO's car
  2. Done it in the back of a Lynx, in Dishforth, 1992, with a local girl from Ripon.
  3. Gunny... and all this time, I was thinking that you are a virgin....
  4. Good - because I fantasise about being the first to seduce you....
  5. 1. plane at 40,000 feet
    2. marks and spencers changing room
    3. over CO's desk
    4. over RSM's Desk
    5. Beach in Bermuda
  6. Yeah, I bet..........................
  7. You're right.. you bet I know the EXACT area you would like me to run my tongue over...
  8. My Arrse ? ? ? !!  How did you know that?
  9. Gunny, we are steaming up the windows of the Naafi bar - perhaps we should get a room...
  10. Why get a room when I have a three bedroomed house to myself ?  Fancy seeeex in the garden?
  11. Only if you have a hot tub...
  12. you two need to get a room or get a hotmail account...
  13. You mean you don't want to watch, enoch?