The Alternative STD Remedy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Myss, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Ouch :oops:
  2. How is that an STD remedy?
    Most STDs would survive that, they'd just be affecting a stump as opposed to a full on schlong.
  3. women eh,
  4. I Hope thats something you'd never do Myssl :roll:
  5. Gents girls chopping off male courting tackel is a almost tradition out here, very common for wronged women to take revenge in this manner.
    To the best of my knowledge Thailand was first place a 'Willy' was medically sewn back on.
    Following this there where two well known occasions where girls took precautions to prevent the 'Percy' op.
    One girl fed the offending artical to the ducks while a second found a ballon being used for celebrations attached the severed item and allowed it to fly away.
    PS there is an old saying out here, Don't FCUK with Thais.
  6. I guess he felt a bit of a knob after that.
  7. well he said he wasn't feeling him self for a while :wink:
  8. 1. You seem to have solved that one with your personality.

    2. Stick it over your head

    3. I am happy to donate £24 to you so you can purchase a whole crate of 9MM. (Self administered please).

    Please do, again, I'll buy you a one way ticket, Club Class.
  9. Knew a bloke once who ended up with a genital wart on his lip after a bit of silver tongue action :oops: 8O :D

    He had to go home at the weekend to see his missus so took a pair of nail clippers to the offending wart and chopped the bugger off along with half his lip as well. :?

    Sorted :lol: She'll never know
  10. don't you think he got off rather lightly?
    after all the he had it sewn back on. does it still work? can he do porn like wayne bobbit? do we care? :lol: