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  1. Hi, I'm currently studying Law at uni and my aspiration to become a lawyer (not yet decided on a solicitor or barrister yet) in the ALS.

    I don't know anybody already in it, and the information I get from the careers office is vague and unhelpful, so I'd like to know about it in the words of any of you already in it.

    I'd like to know, more specifically of the entrance requirements and the process for getting in, and what a day-to-day routine is like.

    What is the likely hood of getting work experience with the ALS too?

    Any respnonse to this would be really appreciated, thanks in anticipation :)

    All I know is that I can't get sponsorship from the Army to do this degree, which is why I'm abit cold-turkey with the process... no-one tells me anything! ;)
  2. You understand that this is the Medical Bit ?

    Maybe somebody here has had dealings with ALS....come on you lot ! lets be Avin a legal type volunteer to help the young chap !
  3. And there was me thinking he was talking about Advanced Life Support.....

  4. Not quite correct; this forum is for professionally qualified, RAMC & QARANC. The 'professionally qualified' bit includes lawyers.
  5. I know how he feels. I am also studying for a law degree while serving. I enquired about maximum age for entry (the maximum being 55 for a lot of PQOs) and was unhelpfully told the maximum for a normal Sandhurst entrant. I was then referred to the website which contained no helpful information at all. I suggest you go to your nearest Army Careers Office with a list of questions and don't leave until you've got the answers. It's what I'll be doing next time I'm in UK.

    Day-to-day routine will be either in the Army Prosecution Authority charging soldiers with the usual manner of violent drunken disciplinary offences or working in a Brigade/Divisional Headquarters advising the commander on whether or not it's legal to shell that mosque full of refugees.

    The RAF also has a legal branch if you fancy a blue uniform rather than a green one.
  6. There's also the exciting world of Army Legal Aid in the Fatherland, helping Toms get divorced from large tattooed women in RonHills and stillettos.

    Even though some of the legal types I know spend a lot of time on mundane matters, I imagine it must still be better than doing conveyancing for Rimmer, ******* and Felch in some High Street.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    S-D, the board incorperates all proffessional bodies within itself, i.e. ALS, RAChD etc....
  8. As the recruiting campaign went when I was a lad
    "Army, The professionals"

    Therefore , I am assuming that the professional bracket encloses all serving members of the Army ;)

    Are nurses profesionally qualified ? define profesional.

    Just mustering some healthy debate rather than kickin off

    NEXT !
  9. OR come out here into the big bad world AND EARN STACKS MORE - well done Cheire Blair :twisted:
  10. You may wish to look at the GLS (Government Legal Service) as well - you can move around departments and join TA for the warry stuff
  11. I'm an LLB graduate, currently sitting my LPC postgraduate course. I'm 32 and considered the ALS, but I think you'll find they only take qualified solicitors and barristers, ie, those that have completed a 2yr training contract or pupillage. You won't be able to join straight from uni, it'll take a further 2-3 yrs at least.

    Unless they have changed their criteria and can provide training bentracts. TBH, most careers officers won't be able to help, you'd be best off contacting the ALS directly.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    And joining the TA in the meantime.

  13. SD I too thought it was Advanced Life Support which is why i looked in.... on a serious note. I looked into legal side within the armed forces and was told that you don't get many friends as it is you against the Army!! You are trying to represent your client which might bring you up against high ranks or protocols etc.... who are we to challenge the crown?