The ally the British love to hate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by yank_eyetie, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. first few sentences kind of nullify the rest of the article really. just seems a repeat of the US journalist attitude to put it down to "empire syndrome" whilst patting themselves on the back and then quoting some pathetic london socialites to back themselves up. it couldnt possibly be issues or personal experiance that affect peoples opinion, it must be the fact britain had an empire that most of the generation today dont even remember or frankly, were even born during, let alone think about it in relation to current issues. Carol Gould btw has a history for being extremely touchy and for feeling "oppressed", so much so she even wrote a book about it.

    "The United Kingdom's counterintelligence and security agency has identified some 5,000 Muslim extremists in the UK but not even they are denounced with the venom directed at Americans. "
    is an example of such bullshit.

    "What Britain needs to understand is that this ill will has poisoned the enormous reservoir of good will Britain used to enjoy in America. And unless the British tweak their attitude, they stand to become increasingly irrelevant to the American people."
    is pretty laughable in itself, an interesting contrast and perhaps should be taken in the context to the view posted here on how america may see europe as competition.
  2. The Guardian is a high brow newspaper? I suppose if you've been regularly intellectually fed on a diet of USA Today and CNN it is... tragic
  3. wotaloadabalony (the article I mean). We all LOVE America. Dont we?
  4. We had an empire?

    Personally speaking, I'd be a little more open to the Americans if the UK government dealt with issues where the Americans require our co-operation on a case by case basis. When was the last time we said NO? Surely it must be creeping back to the Vietnam era?

    Hats off to Mr Salmond for having the balls to stand up to them, although if they find out we have oil, we're****ed.
  5. What a load of boring whining shite.

    We slag off everybody. If the americans seemingly get more stick its only because sharing a language makes it easier for both sides to be aware of each others culture and politics.

    The aussies are the same and slag us off as well as the yanks. Try talking to one for more than 15 mins about sports, culture or politics without hearing a variation of 'fecking Pom'. :D
  6. "Britain's highbrow newspaper, The Guardian, sets the UK's intellectual tone."

    Yep. I stopped taking the piece seriously after that sentence too, never mind the the dismissal of Radio 4. I'll spam-bash with the best of them, but it's not a reflexive anti-Americanism. You're always going to speak more candidly to your brother than you will some random you barely know. I'll complain about Spamland just as much as I will about how much the UK has gone into the shitter.

    "A British office manager at CNN once informed me that any English high school diploma was equal to an American university degree."

    He may have been using literary license here, but I think anyone who knows the UK system would know that no Briton would use the phrase "high school diploma". Moreover, the point does have a slight degree of validity. Having been through both the US and British university systems I can honestly say that an average British 18yr old is better educated then their American counterpart. By the time they've graduated, I'd say that in terms of specialised knowledge the British graduate will still come out ahead, but this is because of the tight focus on one subject in the British system and not having a wide range of diversity classes as part of their degree requirements.
  7. "Well, at least we're not as bad as the Americans."
    True how true.
    Mind you we do live and learn, have done for years, Concentration camps for Bores, just copied from our US cousins in their war in Philipeanes.
    Mind you we didn't follow Black Jacks methods of putting down Muslims, we do have some standards.
  8. The Christian Science Monitor. Straight away I think it is tosh.
  9. And they think our soldiers are scruffy.

  10. Ugh what? Like Crab, I suspect what was actually said was an 18 year old UK college student is better educated than a 18 year old US college student. Which given the totally different systems would be perfectly true.


    Ah yes, this would be the exagerated but true tale about the african american tourist who famously threw a tantrum at a tour guide on discovering the Black Prince was not, in fact, black.

  11. Twat, i,ve just spat me cornflakes all over my computer :)
  12. Perhaps it's a British reaction to being dragged into unpopular wars started by the US Government?
    I think it is a perfectly natural feeling in this country that we have little control over our foreign policy, amongst many other things.
  13. And you think the American people have control over their foreign policy? :roll:
  14. Salmond? Tweaking his fat expense fiddling nose at Westminster rather than Washington.

    The USA should'nt mistake the endemic anti ameracinism amongs the liberals for the reality. The left hate England too.