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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by PhilCollins, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. What do you actually think of the new site Can you navigate around it? Is it pinkie and political correct? Have we lost all our individuality? Do our senior officers have any say in it? What say have you had? What will happen in Dec 08 when all the Regimental Sites are wiped off – yes www2 server goes by the end of the year.
  2. I think you should have kept to drumming and left the vocals to Peter Gabriel. Genesis would still be fab and we'd have been spared WOMAD.
  3. Needs more Naked women and a few more ragheads getting the good news on an apache gun cam.
  4. It looks an awful lot like my arrse. Are you paying royalties?

    Seriously though, very nice.
  5. Hello,

    I was not very taken with the "Modern and Professional" line on the front page,it reads a little like "We are not old fashioned and unprofessional anymore,honest.".
    Having only looked at a couple of pages I found this one which needs editing:

    Sycophantic quotes from politicians should be avoided,for example:

    ""All around us we can see how advances in science, engineering and technology affect our everyday lives. Defence is no exception. Members of the Armed Forces are increasingly interacting with ever more sophisticated technology as part of their job"
    Baroness Ann Taylor, Minister for Defence Equipment and Support - 11 March 2008

    People don't come to a website to be fed lines from politicians or to read articles about how good a job the government is making of running the armed forces.
    Mission statements and and all the buzz words beloved of management trainees should also be avoided a all costs.

    Lots more information is needed on the site.
    People come to a website to get information,download pictures or to do things such as contact recruiters.
    Lots of youngsters will be wanting to find out what kit the army has,how many of everything they have and how things are organised and run.
    This should be the primary source of information on the British Army on the internet.
    Being an information source will generate traffic.
    Traffic will get people clicking on those links like "Join the infantry":

    Though when they do click on it they will wonder why they bothered,the page has no functionality,it should be the first port of call for any aspiring infantryman,telling him all he needs to know and how to get in touch with recruiters.

    A sixteen yearold might come to the site to find out all about a Challenger II tank.
    He might want to download pictures or videos of one.
    Then he might start wondering about the history of the regiments using them.
    If that impresses him he might be interested to know how much a tank crewman earns and what training he would have to go through to be one.
    At that point he needs phone numbers,addresses and emails of recruiters.

    Having had a very brief look,the site is a bit of a dissappointment.
    There is really nothing of interest on the few pages I did see.

    Regarding the aesthetics,it looks decent enough and is easy to navigate but I would change the colour to green instead of that rather unpleasant shade of brown.

  6. Agreed, it's all very bizzniss speek. Try lightening up a little, simplify the whole layout with fewer links. There's millions of them, it's death by information.

    The average age of a regular soldier (who you're no doubt aiming this at) is in the early 20's.

    The average age of a potential recruit is 16-18.

    How many of these do you think are interested in Defence News Links?
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  8. msr

    msr LE

    Well said:

  9. I found the Australian Army website to be much more interesting!