The All-Ireland Autism Centre

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Thrown, I was, while lurking in the links of a thread around here today concerning evil Bruddish Speys, to see that an All-Ireland Autism Centre had apparently been established in Middletown, Co Armagh, and that PSF were deeply concerned about its' future.

    Gordon Bennett. Middletown? I lived there for two years. It has a pub, a drunk and a mysteriously abused donkey. Why does it need an Autism Centre, and why is PSF so concerned? We should be told.
  2. I sincerely apologise in advance,if I sound sarcastic.After years of sitting between the Army and the IRA,being shot at bombed,searched and generally fcuked about for over 30 years;I would expect that the whole population of Middletown will be calling in for some treatment,or at least a ´cuppa´.A small dose of autism,was probably needed to cope.

    Taling about `the Drunk`.In early ´76 after a shoot out on the main road,a man lay apparently dead,just outside the pub.After we were called out from Caledon,as quick reaction troop,to help the police cordon etc.After a hectic drive we were called back as the `victim´woke up, surrounded by staring RUC,and staggered home! :p

  3. It used to be a lovely wee place. Caledon too. God awful place to patrol in wet and windy Irish winters though. Apart from visits to Ma & Pa. (discussed by PM Midnight).
  4. No, that was me. The drunk was behind the pub with the donkey.
  5. My apologies to all the drunks in Middletown,this event happened in Keady;Whose entire population, will be on weekly pilgrimages to M/town,for a Cuppa.

    My best/worst memory of Middletown;a white FIAT 127,thought to be containing a bomb;ATO,after many hours of searching and shotgun shells,declares it clean,with a smug grin,takes off his helmet and walks back towards me.Then, noticing an IRA recruiting poster,stuck on a wall,rips it off........BANG...........oh Fcuk!Instant Christians X2,lucky or what,the perfect Booby Trap,tripped;I was about 10 yards away from the ATO.I know why,it didn´t detonate properly.But I´m not here to train bombmakers!

    Midnight...........remembering the brown schreddie days!

    P.s.Anybody remember Pat with the Mini in Caledon? :twisted: GDav,Ma and Pa should have got medals!
  6. Refresh me on Pat with the Mini mate. Good old Ma & Pa. I doubt they would still be alive now but I hope they had a peaceful end, such lovely people. I can still remember the clothes horse in front of the fire in their parlour with the steaming combat jackets drying on those long wet days. LOL. The best tea stop ever. (unless you count some of the more remote ones on 'Farmer's Daughter')
  7. ... and a choggi wallah who only left his subterranian den once in 30 years (to chase a scouse greenjacket round the helipad after he nicked a mars bar).

    Middletown's prob isn't autism, its that the entire population are zombies evolved from decades of squaddie manfat depositied in the top sangar.
  8. Dinnae knock the Choggis mate - I mean without them we'd never have discovered Space Invaders ;)
  9. I don't fckn believe it! They're making a film about the poxy joint. 8O

    That'll show those buggers who made 'Village of the Damned'.
  10. Hmm - the article says an "Irish" village. I reckon they're on about Middletown, Co Cork.
  11. Nah, its definatly not Midleton Co. Cork. That place is feeding of the celtic tigers piss and expects to grow 162% in the next 15 years.

    (mind you, since there is E56m being spent on restoring a rail link to Cork city, it'll probably be much bigger than that)

    Keep looking- It could be still set in Middleton Co. Armagh but the producers found that the tax breaks were better south of the border!

    Edited to fix spelling
  12. Strangely it is filmed in Northern Ireland but the BBC (who normally get such things right) say it is set in an "Irish" village. Not a Niorthern Ireland village.

    Could be either I grant you but I can remember Middletown, Co Cork when even their single horse was bored - and that isn't too long ago.