The All Arms Military Bop Tape.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Drivers_lag, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    We've all been there. The army bop.

    Do you still have bops?

    Anyhow, wherever I went, it was always the same music, perhaps played in a different order and this lead me to the conclusion that somewhere, there was a JSP that said one was obliged, when organising a bop to go to the chief clerk and sign out the issue bop tape.

    I think the varied order came from having an infantry bop tape, and all arms bop tape etc.

    Does anyone else think it would be fun to recreate the 90's bop tape?

    I'll kick off with a couple.

  2. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

  3. Not too sure about the Bop tape, but this was issued to every singlies bedspace in the 80's

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  4. Sod the 90's.

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  5. Bat Out Of Hell, Tubular Bells and Brothers In Arms. Play all three at the same volume at the same time to recreate a 1980s block Bull Night. Oh... and a bit of Shalamar. Niiiice.
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  6. Could it be a WRAC?

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  7. We called them "Stomps".
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  8. Beaten by a few years, there Joker! I remember buying this from the NAAFI in Paderborn in 78, when it was almost unheard of. Like most of my music purchases then, it was based almost entirely on the quality of the Album cover, but certainly no regrets. I saw him perform at Dortmund Westfalenhalle and the band were awesome - he, on the other hand, sang like a drunk navvy.
  9. Was that in 82?
    One of the lads from 79 Rly Sqn went to see him and said he was shite, and got one of the backing singer to do all the high notes.
  10. That sounds about right, Kirkz - I was serving in Herford at the time and remember the trip down the A1! Meatloaf always had a fantastic backing band and his backup singers were top-notch. They needed to be, as he could never carry a note. Around about the same time, I saw ELO in their prime (Mr Blue Sky tour, complete with spaceship!) and they were awesome. Great days.
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  11. Meat clearly bettered with age (to an extent).
    Saw him at the NEC in '97, he was a bit good. And a lot slimmer.


    These posters were all the rage in bedspaces in the '80s.
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  12. Oh FFS nasty flashbacks to JHQ and the fucking Timewarp . (again).
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  13. 1978, Block 36 Ayrshire Barracks Bull nights;

    10CC, Rainbow, Santana, and Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues.

    1979; Block 14 68 Sqn RCT Lines;

    Meatloaf, Clapton etc.

    But of course not forgetting a load of 68 Sqn Girls line dancing to Spirit in the Sky.
  14. I went to a couple of Monsters of Rock & Pop at the westfalenhalle, saw some great bands there, ZZ Tpp, Jethro Tull etc.
    Also saw Queen - The Works Tour there. They were indeed great days :)
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