The All Arms Attendance Course

Just wanted to vent my fury about the mini-hitlers that seem to run around the starship Enterprise, in particular, the parking Nazis.  

East and West carparks are out of bounds for JCSC students, so we have to park some 600 metres away.  It's further away than the front gate, and some quarters!  

Anyhow, I'm sure I will think of something else to whinge about soon!
How true!  Besides, still have the benefit of being AJD trained when all else after us will not be!  Something to be said about being a known quantity in the CO's eyes.

Anyhow, must stop complaining about the parking.  A dead issue they say....

Besides, can now start compaining about the food!
You'll love this, they clamped a whole load of folk this weekend who were illegally parked.  And they thought they would be getting home early this friday......

Lets hope the contract for JSCSC PFI 2 gets more parking included - what about a multistorey?

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