The Algamations

Apologies if this is a wah would like some opinions

Just wondering if since the algamations anyones thinking their hasn't been any benefit uniting regs under one banner.

Pre-Feb I was RGBW badged and took pride in my regiments history, never knew about it in the cadets but than took an interest when I joined the TA, was fascinated about why we had a back badge, the "brandywine flash", the maltest cross, all the other she-lala.

Other people were the same, RGJ took pride in the fact in they were "different" from us, they speed-marched 24/7, all their battle honours on their cap badge.

6 months on, what were the benefits of algamating us and burying all that history some of us took pride in? easier admin?

Anyone else feel it was something that just didnt need to happen?
It's to get us used to change and blind to the reductions in numbers.

Two more amalgamations and you'll be a member of the 1st (and only) Battalion, The Territorial Army Regiment.
One of the best amalgamations ever (IMHO) was the amalgamation of 1 INNISKS, 1 RUR and 1 R Ir F (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Ulster Rifles and Royal Irish Fusiliers for the un-enlightened).

This resulted in The Royal Irish Rangers (R IRISH) which after a remarkablely short 'break in' time resulted in something magic. The traditions and pride of the previous regiments were somehow superbly 'amalgamated'.

To have marched behind the Band, Bugles, Pipes and Drums playing Killaloe somehow symbolised the whole thing and is something never to be forgotten.

However I will never forget that I was 'born' an Ulster Rifleman and still thrill to 'Off, Off, Said the Stranger'

So two loyalties? Maybe so, and no harm in that. We move on and remember the past proudly.
Mmm I was very dissapointed to see it all swallowed up, though I do LOVE! being called a "rifleman", sounds well hot, you don't tell people your rank is "private" you tell them its rifleman yeah baby! RMC I ain't a private I'm a marine! (well they are marines anyway).

Still wear my old RGBW t-shirt for running, maybe time for shedding tears over something you've only known for 5 years is over and time to move on :(

As for the RIR that sounds quite sexy what they did with that as well, and its always gives pride to standout from the crowd as the ex-RGJ's I'm with tell me, the RGJ retained their light drill and rank slides so it's kinda hard not to look different, I've read alot on the origin of the rifleman and their baker rifles, "special forces of their day", quick march "first into the battle", allowed to skirmish, anyway enough blah blah blah

I just think we were fine the way we were :)
"Still wear my old RGBW t-shirt for running, maybe time for shedding tears over something you've only known for 5 years is over and time to move on "

Would 4 1/2 of those years have been ACF, by any chance?

You're far too energetic for 2am. If you've got the antidote to whatever you've been taking, take it and go to bed.
In the Journal all the old Green Jackets were sent it said "As a regt we dont need to do this" so why bloody do it? I, like many others I speak to, take no interest in the regt now. On the Armys web site it says these regiments fought together on the Somme, so did the Chaplains Corps but they didnt bring them in. I dont even try to understand it.
Anyone still wearing RAOC colours, or what about the mother of all vomitile mess dress, the canary yellow RAPC.
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