The Akinator

All I get is "Sorry, I need some time to wake up. Can you try again in a few minutes?"

Same here. Fucking wank. I doubt it'd have got "Jordan being anally fisted by a albino midget troupe from Albania."
Gave up after 30 questions when it couldn't get Kublai Khan

Mark The Convict

It's post-coital languor, judging by the ectoplasm's knowing smirk and Freddie Mercury-type moustache. Dirty little perv.
Very clever - got all three of mine - Bernard Montgomery, Gene Kelly and HM the Queen Mum God Bless 'er


Book Reviewer
I misread the title of the thread as The Alkinator and assumed Ord_Sgt had ramped up his internet presence.
Maybe it is tropper
The Akinator is a Klunt, totally confused it by giving honest answers - it gave up after 30 questions saying "I beat it".

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