The Akinator

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A Worker, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Can you beat The Akinator? Think of a person and he will try to guess who you're thinking of within 20 questions. Strangely wierd.

    Akinator, the Web Genius
  2. Stupid fecker gave up after 5 questions :-D
  3. All I get is "Sorry, I need some time to wake up. Can you try again in a few minutes?"

  4. I'm getting that now, the lazy bastard.

    It is amazing though.
  5. Same here. Dozy cunt should be called the 'Whetinator.'
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  6. Same here. Fucking wank. I doubt it'd have got "Jordan being anally fisted by a albino midget troupe from Albania."
  7. Gave up after 30 questions when it couldn't get Kublai Khan
  8. Same here, it should be called 'The Narcoleptic'
  9. Yep, the same here: Sorry, I need some time to wake up. Can you try again in a few minutes?

  10. it's still fucking asleep the lazy cunt.
  11. It just started up for me, but all the questions it asked were about invalidity benefit.
  12. To be fair, it is a Sunday morning! =-D
  13. It's post-coital languor, judging by the ectoplasm's knowing smirk and Freddie Mercury-type moustache. Dirty little perv.
  14. That picture looks nothing like the real Aki

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  15. Very clever - got all three of mine - Bernard Montgomery, Gene Kelly and HM the Queen Mum God Bless 'er