The Age Old Question - PS3 or XBox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RearWords, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. As it's getting near that special time of the year - Christmas I have a serious question for the experts on this forum. I have managed to avoid buying the ubiquitous gaming console until now - I have no more excuses to give. So what should I buy for a 12 year old - PS3 or Xbox 360 Pros and Cons please. If it was up to him he would have one of each - that is not possible so I need it in plain english for someone who hasn't a clue what the fuss is all about. Initial outlay price is not a problem, size and performance is a factor but essentially all I want is the gaming console that won't be out of date in a year's time.

    I'm aware many of you will be groaning at this request but humour me otherwise I will be tossing a coin...
  2. PS3 all the way. You get regular system updates when they come out so no chance of that being outdated in the near future. Graphics are outstanding and it does play blu ray discs. Has WiFi so you can access the internet for free, rather than XBox where im sure you have to pay to get on XBox Live (someone correct me if im wrong).

    Plus whatevers out for the XBox you can get for the PS3 pretty much and vice versa.

    Cant really think of any cons besides it being slightly more expensive but it is well worth the cash
  3. Both, or whichever you buy this year, you WILL be buying the latest of the other one next year!
  4. Has to be the PS3. Comes with a blu-ray drive built in so you can watch high definition movies and games. the xbox does not have blu-ray. Sony created blu-ray and provide regular software updates so you know it will not be out of date in 12 months. The recent update allows the ps3 to play 3D games & movies if you have a 3D tv. It also plays DVDs and has BBC iplayer built in. It does not cost to play online.
  5. If you ask me ps3 for these reasons; blue ray player, free online, PlayStation Move(eliminates the need for a Wii and based on solid technology), you don't really lose in console specific games to xbox, lighter controller,realiable, and most importantly I own one.
    Cons are: more expensive than xbox, no Halo
  6. Can't win can I...
  7. Xbox 360 all the way
  8. There isn't much between them as some people make out. If online play will be a factor buy the same one as friends have.
    I prefer the controller on 360 so this is what I went for. Live is worth it IMO.
  9. What consoles do his mates have ??

    Bugger ,beaten to it :crash:
  10. Unfortunately split down the middle...some have Xbox and some have PS3 which is why he is undecided!
  11. XBOX then you can add the Kinect option and have a family interactive experience..
  12. Get one of each then
  13. Go the PS3 route for the reasons mentioned above.
    Blu-Ray, BBC iplayer, and now Lovefilm (if you have an account with them), are available from the PS3.

    Games are pretty much of a muchness on both. There will be the odd game title that is an exclusive to a particular console though. E.G. Fable3, Gears of War3 (when released), and the Halo series are all on the 360 only.
  14. Agreed. 'Nuff said.
  15. Looked a bit further into that 'Ring of Fire' thing RearWords and it just seems it's an over heating problem, I've been told by a mate that you can get an upgraded fan for this but clearly going to cost you more money.

    Three lights flash red on your Xbox 360 console

    I'd still say PS3 for all of the above reasons and it's constantly being updated with the likes of LoveFilm etc, people are saying that the PS3 is more expensive but that's if you buy the basic console of Xbox which you will then later need to upgrade.

    Make the right decision ;-)