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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Exorcist_of_dreams, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Speaking to a mate of mine today, apparently the CO of the school has introduced an order of: Students (This is all ranks on course, not just Toms) are to roll their sleves up when in the school, when they leave they are to roll them down!!!

    This is absolutely barking and serves no purpose other than to mess us around, i for one, as a SNCO find this stupid. Has anyone else encountered this, have the staff down at Worthy Down not got anything better to do with their time instead of making up these bone rules?! :?
  2. Maybe it's a ploy to 'educate' folks as to what it's like to be pointlessly messed around so they know how to do it to others or avoid doing it to others (double whammie?) while they're shinning the seat of their 95's...
  3. Shorts and school caps next............... don't forget your satchel.
    An officer with time on his hands is a dangerous thing.
  4. Maybe they'll be forced to walk in step together as a fore runner to marching like soldiers instead of mincing like RAF admin types...
  5. Next you'll be telling me that students are expected to carry day sacks over both shoulders, as apparently this looks 'professional'?!?
  6. I heard the same about the Mess there (may be old news?). On entering all personnel are to roll their sleeves down and they are to be rolled up on leaving.

    Is this the same in any other mess or just WD trying to set it's own standards?
  7. This is not the case. SPSTS and DSPS(A) keep their sleeves up all year (Hard as nails I reckon). Students whilst on courses will also roll their sleeves up. They do not have to roll their sleeves down when leaving the school. WDSU have sleeves down. End of issue.
  8. Haha actually i think there is some other daft thing about carrying daysacks down there, i hate the place!!

    Also, in the Sgt's Mess, students (who are members of that mess) aren't allowed to park their cars in the mess car park?!? I think this might be incase the perm staff loose their space and have to walk more than 20 metres to tea and toast, and therefore loose their rotund figures!!
  9. Very old news. This changed in Jan 08 when the old RSM left. It was him that was **** and its not an issue anymore as you wear your working dress, sleeves up or down.
  10. This is true due to limited parking and designated areas within W/Down. I would just park if I was you and be damned. What are they going to do, tow you away or give you a parking ticket? Students do park in the Sgts Mess car park anyway. I think this is just a case of something to moan about. No one really cares who parks where, within reason.
  11. Next you'll be telling me that students are expected to carry day sacks over both shoulders, as apparently this looks 'professional'?!?[/quote]

    Yup, saw that a while ago. Some jumped up LCpl mincing around with a poxy cane, giving a group of Class 3's a bollocking for having thier daysacks over one shoulder :x

  12. We all seem very quick to slag SPSTS off when all they are doing is setting standards. I think we forget that it is a Phase 2 Trg School as well as Phase 3 (look it up if you don't know what I mean) and that certain levels of discipline must be met. I'm not saying that everything they do is perfect but the standard of training and personnel leaving the school is better than SPS Branch has had for years. Any comments welcome. bring it on!!!
  13. Not sure about this, my mate was only on a course there very recently!!
  14. Or perhaps they are studying their dictionaries so as not to make embarrassing spelling mistakes in public (shinning???)
  15. Very true - the standard has noticably improved in recent years.

    I do not, however, attribute the raising of standards to the rolling up or down of sleeves nor the number of shoulders a day sack is carried over. These directives seem to be at the whim of someone in WD and do nothing but frustrate those returning for phase 3 trg in my humble opinion.