The Afghan campaign (a long time ago)

Some historians here might have already seen this but I thought it uncanny so many years on.

My friends you cannot have failed to notice we are fighting a different kind of war.
This is not a conventional war. It is unconventional. Here the foe will not meet us in battle as other armies have done save under conditions of his own choosing.
He violates truces, he betrays the peace. When we defeat him he will not accept our domination, he comes back again and again, he hates us with a compassion that is exceeded by his capacity for suffering.
The boys, men, even women fight us, not openly, but when we show compassion they strike with stealth.
The types of operations we are compelled to wage, methods of pursuit and capture, the treatment of so-called non combatants. This is not war to we who have found glory in an entirely different kind of war. I would make them our friends and allies, but they will not have it. We have seen his methods and we have no choice but to adapt to them.

Alexander the Great 327 BC
Quintus Curtius on the Afghan campaign
When you're wounded an' left on Afghanistan's plain
an' the women come out to cut up what remains,
jest roll to your rifle an' blow out your brains,
an go to your Gawd like a soldier.


The kyber pass 1977
All the more reason to turn the place to Glass
hackle said:
Not quite as spooky as it sounds. The quote turns out to be from a modern novel about Alexander the Great, published in 2006.
Correct! :D
A mate of mine coppied it by hand and gave it to me, I couldn't find it despite looking through several search engins.

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