The Adventures 0f Big Wood

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Conductor, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Come on show your age, who remembers the adventures of Big Wood, with Mr Owl and Badger? :D
  2. Oh yes! I still have the tapes Mum recorded for me, especially my birthday edition!
  3. What, before or after they got dropped from BFBS when "Uncle Bill" got into some trouble IIRC?

    (And just after 9 Topo Sqn had run up a shedload of "Maps of Big Wood" - scrap paper all round!)
  4. ...and no mistake!

  5. Or thats a fine to do and no mistake :D
  6. I remember it very well from my OFP days in Menden and still occasionally use the term "botheration"!
  7. I remember A Troop 16 Tank Transporter Sqn RCT in the early 70's, after a hard days work on the tank park, would all fight for the showers so they could sit outside in the sun, in time for the Adventures Of Big Wood.

    Makes me smile to think of hairy arse squddies listening to Mr Owl and Badger. Happy Days :D
  8. We all used to listen to Tales from the Big Wood with tea and toast on a sunday afternoon. Uncle Bill was the senior presenter on BFBS so obviously had something on someone there. He was, allegedly, mad as a box of frogs. One of our Corps' drivers went to pick him up to attend a unit fete/open day. He appeared in full boy scout gear (pointy hat and long shorts, own woggle and everything) and held a conversation with Badger (doing the voice as appropriate) all the way up to us discussing how bad a driver they had. The driver point blank refused to drive the "mad old ferker" back.

    And don't forget Maude-Rose, Badger's long suffering wife.

    So, in the words of the maestro "goodbye children, everywhere".

    Edited to add Uncle Bill, Badger and Owl that I found - Google is your friend
  9. There was also the "Big Wood Rally" aka Exercise Bigwood ...I digress...I once met one of the "actors" and he was very precious.
  10. I am Big (John) Wood. What is all this about?
  11. It was a kids programe on BFBS radio in BAOR in the early 70's
  12. Would that be the "........................You little barstewards!" alleged incident? Possibly involving strong drink. :D

    If it wasn't true it should have been. :twisted:
  13. I was going to mention that but I suspect it is an urban (BAOR) myth. I could believe it though and I would love it to be true.
  14. Come on the tell the tale then some of us are too young to know :?

    Uncle Bill was doing his evening Broadcast and finshed with his usual " Goodnight Children everywhere ....................................................... (5 seconds pause) you little bartewards"

    The rumour was that strong drink plus the lack of a pause system on the Tx system ensure the above was sent out on the ether :twisted:

    A surprising number of adults used to listen to the Tx beacuse he was a pompous old barstad with a cracking posh accent. The event was certainly pre - 1976.

    Edited to add - this was on BFBS Germany.