The Advanced Abuse Thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. So many threads about abusing users at the moment I thought I might start another. But this ones slightly different as you have to abuse the unknown NEXT poster who then takes offence and abuses the next ... get it? Good ...

    So what the fuck are you doing posting on this thread you lame brained, dickless, poodle walking mincer?

    Did you think you could come on here as you played with your crayons and red balloon whilst sucking your mums saggy, sperm encrusted tit while watching your crackwhore wife being fucked by three Jamacians for the latest Stilemedia offering?

    You really are a fucking waste of human organs and the world became a sadder place when your leprosy infested father ejaculated his diseased sperm to impregnate the rancid egg in your fluffing mothers withered overy.

    You make me want to vomit up fly-like dissolving acid on your wide eyed, deformed, moonlike pathetic excuse for a face whilst removing your limbs with a blunt stanley knife.
  2. You complete legless tosser! Who the feck do you think you're spouting off at. It's choppers like you who bring this site crashing down every - EVERY fecking day.

    Youhave no street cred and you mother takes it up the arrse because your father was a fag!

    You bore me to the very core and Iam just about done abusing you - you fecking dullard!

    Now, before you start typing remember this...

    there is nothing you can say to make me think you're worth the sh1t you're carrying around in that worthless body.

    Do one you cnut!
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Staying in tonight then :?
  4. Sir, K13eod....I take off my hat...and shirt to such a scholar and master of the English language!

    and therefore to insult the following unknown poster,

    Sir/Madam, I purge myself of my last meagre meal at the sight of the vile spurious outpourings from such an impertinent puisny-tilted devil-incarnate!

    P.S. Mediumwhiteamericano I believe the intention was to insult the NEXT and therefore unknown poster not the PREVIOUS poster!
  5. Call that abuse you mong loving chutney ferret? Bet you spend your evenings swallowing the man fat of pre-pubesent rent boys while enjoying the fist of a flea ridden tramp up your ricker. GET A F*CKING LIFE!!!!!
  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    What a fcuking cockstand, its people like you that make jizz guzzling crack ho's a look like fine upstanding members of the human race. You definately need to get out more and get yourself a girlfriend whose name doesnt end in jpeg
  7. You fcuking w4nker, are you the result of your crack whore mother getting arrse raped by a rabid dog? Mike Golden is more of a soldier than you'll ever be.
  8. You dim witted arse wipe, crack whore has already been used.

    Who's that coming next? Oh fuck me it's some four eyed rent boy just back from sucking off the homeless for a sip of cider. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself turning up on this thread with genital warts all over your chin and the smell of your sisters filthy crab infested, pus weeping vagina on your pencil thin excuse for a penis.
  9. don't you dare touch that keyboard you fucking spazpipe It's because of cockends like you and Sven that this fucking site is the way it is. The dribble you spout forth from the keyboard is comparable to vomit that your mother left on her pillow after I had forced her to eat the shit on my plate (incidentally it was covered in spunk as me and ten of my mates had just chain raped her pus filled face)

    PS her cu
    nt looked like a rotton omlette.

    PPS Sven is a big cu
  10. Hello - this must be the Dullard Spell Checkers thread, can i join in please.
  11. Of course you can ... pity you failed to read the rules at the start. Still never to late to start with abuse, something you appear to be quite proficient in anyway.
  12. Turd burgler. Cnut of the drippiest order.

    (hoping it's CnutDT)
  13. who the fcuk let in that jizz gurgling pi$$ stain in here? The dress code is not bare a$$ with man muck stained chaps... You could have at least put a butt plug in ffs your dribbling all over the floor.......

  14. I think I love you.

    (That's got to be the most abuse I can give to anyone, ever, ever, ever).
  15. Seeing as you abuse the next poster then sluggy loves kev, sluggy loves kev, sluggy loves kev.