The actual Speech on what it means to be Australian on this great day: Australia Day

Discussion in 'Australia' started by longwayhome, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted properly (after doing a search and only finding bastardised versions of it) but here is the link to the often misquoted and hijacked by the militant right speech made by the then Treasurer (not the Prime Minister as again it has been wrongly cacredited to) about what it means to be an Australian Citizen.

    I don't think it's bigoted or racist, just lays out pretty well IMHO what it means to come from the land down under and what we aspire to as a nation.

    Happy Australia Day to all my fellow countrymen, especially those like me who remain far from home.

    Speeches - Worth promoting, worth defending: Australian citizenship, What it means and how to nurture it - Address to the Sydney Institute, Sydney [23/02/06]
  2. . . . Also available in:

    Large Print
    Urdu اردو
    Pashto پښتو
    Arabic العربية
    Vietnamese tiếng Việt


    PS. Very good speech, full of sensible and unarguable statements and should be drilled into every hand-wringing apologist for why the UK isn't the great nation it used to be.
  3. Let's face it though, Australia's perception of itself is a little removed from reality.

    Happy Australia day........from a fellow citizen.
  4. I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that but definitely worthy aspirations!
  5. I prefer this one