The Activity Stream - Any Use?

The latest VBulletin introduced a Facebook style Activity Stream:

Activity Stream - The Army Rumour Service

Is this a better way of presenting content than the recent posts of the front page or the Last 50? It does need to be condensed a bit to make for less scrolling and less white space.

My initial thought is that Last 50 should probably stay as is, but I wonder if the activity stream is a more engaging way of presenting content on the page? Tempting more innocents in to the devil's armpit that is the ARRSE forum area.

You could always rename the Last 50, as, The Killing Zone.
What does it do that the last 50 doesn't?
Open the two pages side by side and take a look - the differences are very obvious. It does the same thing basically, but presents the information in a different way, and some of the little widgets are removed.
Not to me either, but thought it worth checking before ignoring it. I thought I might get a few opinions of 'much more user friendly / easy to read', 'like being able to see post content / avatars' type comments or general support for the idea that it is a better representation of the activity of the site on the front page.


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Maybe if it was 'auto-refreshing' like the Facebook version, in other words it was constantly updating without the need to refresh your screen. Is that a possibility?
A very interesting point and to some extent it does do what you propose. It updates, and at the top you get something like New Activity(3), but it doesn't show the new activity unless you expand that. I will look at it as I agree that this would turn it from just another list of content to something worthy of use.
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