The Acid Test

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bakerlite, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Reuters and Fars news agency reported today that Iran has postponed blinding a convicted man in retribution for throwing acid in the face of a woman in 2004.

    Iran postpones blinding man in retribution punishment | Reuters

    Here's one to test opinion on Arse.

    1. Under Iranian restorative justice the woman has the right to demand that her attacker be blinded with acid, as he blinded her for refusing his repeated proposals of marriage.

    2. Apparently there have been widespread pleas from abroad that the sentence should not be carried out.

    3. Iran has postponed execution of the sentence pending further deliberations.

    I wonder whether the different status accorded to men and women in Iran is complicating the deliberations of the clerics.

  2. I thought the thread was going to be about my youthful exploits!
  3. There was me hoping that somebody somewhere had found a stock of screech powder and was inviting us round to induce comatose through excessive crystal snorting.
  4. i like the bit about "widespread protest in the West". I'm certainly not protesting, more power to em. can we have some f that here?
  5. All for them blinding him. Good drills I say.
  6. An eye for an eye.......
  7. Dear Mr Fallschirmjager, You don't remember your youthful exploits? Then you were probably there.

    Bakerlite's automated reply service.
  8. Dip the ****** in a vat of acid
  9. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time, used to be a popular maxim round the East End, especially when villains bubbled their mates for reduced sentencing.

    I quite like the idea, 'You were happy to do this to someone else? Now it's your turn, open wide.' For any crime.
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  10. I hope the Iranians carry out the sentence and tell those protesting to mind their own fcuking business.
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  11. Not quite. I believe that one argument is that, under Sharia law, men are worth more than women. Hence he should only be blinded in one eye rather than in both.


    Does anybody know if they are still crucifying Christians in Iran?
  12. Double standards. If the roles were reversed a woman would have been blinded. The sentence would have been carried out regardless of 'western protests'. Why would Iran pander to our sensibilities now and deliberate further? Or do the clerics sit uneasily with the rights of a woman to uphold Iranian restorative justice. Should do some research here to ascertain numbers of actual verdicts being acted on with regard to women being wronged but I've over-indulged on soco so can't be arsed to.
  13. Dip the cnut's nuts in Liquid Nitrogen - I always keep a jam-jar of the stuff handy for just such an occasion...