The abolition of Britain as a nation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Surely we should have referendum on this ?

    The bullet points...
    1. The Queen has signed 6 of the 7 EU Treaties.
    2. The 6 treaties define and build the EU as an unelected dictatorship.
    3. The EU's laws give it the powers of a police state.
    4. The 7th EU treaty will complete the abolition of Britain as a nation
    - the Queen could sign it in as little as two years. :x
  2. You are Boom and I claim my £5

    Why did noone else comment on the Sky forum?
  3. Does she actually, physically, sign?

    She doesn't sign laws - none have since Victoria.
  4. I'm outraged! I simply cannot believe that this is true!

    oh no, wait, its not. It's just the uninformed ramblings of a Daily Mail reading, UKIP voting idiot. Away and hunt witches you bore.
  5. Sorry, mong post? :oops:
  6. we could salvage it by you calling me a cnut and then we slag each other off for 5 pages? :twisted:
  7. You're not as outraged as me!
  8. I'm way more outraged than you.
  9. What good is it doing just now? Oh, tradition, Empire, cricket, jumpers for goalposts harumph, you say? Well, let's bring back the Holy Roman Empire then, shall we? It used to be a good thing, too.

    Britain's dead and already starting to rot. That saddens me, but I'm prepared to be pragmatic about it. The sooner we wake up and call the Sanitary Department, the better.

    Edited to add: The management accept no responsibility for any outrage generated by this post. The value of your mechanisms for democratic accountability may go down as well as up. Terms and conditions apply. To you, anyway - not the people in charge.
  10. I fear that the EU juggernaut is already an outdated and ill-suited concept for the changing world. A fat corrupt bureaucracy might have seemed like a good idea 50 years ago but it seems the wrong thing for the rate, and nature of change that we are looking at now.

    There's little point in clinging to a concept of the UK that died years ago, but what we have traded it in for has not been designed to serve us well in the future.