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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by AF1771, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Having read, and participated, in some of the quality topics that are posted here, I am aware that there is a tendancy for these threads to be "Hijacked". I for one am guilty of this and I would like to apologise for this.

    I am also aware that there is some great pi$$taking going on, but this results in another thread being hijacked.

    Sooooo....I though maybe this thread could be used for such purposes. If you get bored hijacking someone's thread, why not bring it in here and let the thread continue "on Topic"??

    Just a thought. Maybe CR, DD, Perevodkachikythingy, GIAO et al would like somewhere to play :)

    In your own time...Go on!
  2. sounds like a cracking idea. it will never catch on.
  3. Yes.. and he swore he had checked the vehicle before leaving the Officers Mess!!!!
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  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence and for giving it a try :cry:
  5. Maybe it was the ellusive high speed UVIED planting team that got him! You never know. Crafty little beggars they were.

    By the way AF. I noticed I was not included in your first post on this thread. Does that mean I can't play?
  6. thought you would be too busy with mortar platoon!!!
  7. Not all. You are most welcome, as is everyone else.

    My fault for starting to list names, then couldn't be arrsed to go through the whole list (I gave up :? )
  8. how is your sphincter anyway ES?
  9. i was going to do a really immature wah there, but i rose above the temptation. i must be growing up.

  10. Intact thank you very much. Have passed CR's details to mortar platoon for when they next go on exercise. Someone tells me they won't be too far away from our Mr CR.

    be afraid CR

    Be very afraid
  11. You old fart!!

    if you were "22 stone when you left Derry" (to quote ES)

    How fecking overweight are you now? were you flying toys with a heavy lift capability??

  12. pushing 39 stone now. i'm thinking of transferring to the AGC :)

    p.s. you've got a nerve calling me old!
  13. check your pms eye_spy, if you can reach the keyboard from your current "lightweights on back to front" position ;)
  14. Good idea.

    Hijacking - begin.

    So, anyway, the long interrogators' course. All those years ago. Years and years and years. One of the commissioned fellow-students appeared to have henna'd hair. Anyone know his/her whereabouts now, i imagine he/she'd be quite senior now, being a Major in '91. Ooops.
  15. feck me many moons ago was that..old wise one.?

    must be at least DINT by now..:)