The Abandoned Soldier

Did a search and couldnt find any reference to this. Thought you chaps might like to join the Facebook group and show some support, if you dont do facebook then no problem they also have a website here. A post on the FB site from a guy called Davy Brown is below, it made me think:

After the mute congregation has long since dispersed,

Footfalls long banished to echoing memory of silent church,
Preciously cast petals invisibly decomposed,

But when the wild wind blows,

Like my spirit set free,

Remember me.

Remember me,

Though the world continues to twist in unsympathetic orbital spin,

Seasons inexorably passing with neither pause for thought nor time for reckoning,

Each stolen second cruelly widening the unbridgeable chasm of time,

But when the sunshine is warm,

And the eagle soars free,

Remember me,

Remember me,

Recall the many for I did not fall alone nor did I fall needlessly,

I have fallen countless times so that all I hold precious may live free,

Though trapped in perpetual cycle of loss and sacrifice to callous eterniy,

But when storm clouds disperse,

Over placid azure sea,

Remember me.

(c) D Brown 2010

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