The Abandoned Soldier Badge

Sorry if this has been inserted previously incase it has not pin badges of The Abandoned Soldier sculpture are now being made and available through The Abandoned Soldier web site. A portion of the cost going to the fund they are inexpensive and rather well made. I like mine... :D
fh.... stick a pic of ur abandoned soldier badge up please.

As requested sorry dont have anything at work ie camera that will produce a file size small enough for the site.. Will try again when I get home. But it is exactly the same depiction as on the site but not in 3d...
Tried with phone still horrid pic but should give an idea better one a few posts on so this pic removed
ordered mine too
Ordered mine, I almost said I will wear it wth pride, but I'm not sure that is the right sentiment.
I'm ashamed that my country doesn't support those who make the sacrifices that our service people do and always have done.

I'm ashamed that my country has abandoned those who are in need through making the sacrifices asked of them.

I think I will stop now, I'm depressing myself. :cry:
F.H just paid for one via paypal. This is safe, is it not please reassure me,
never tried paypal before. apparently i am now a member. Always if ever sent money to mdns begging bowl ive just used the bank account number.But then i have always wanted a paypal account. Just been shi-ite
scared of behing ripped off. it can take a while to fight back for ones ripped off pension
edited to put you in capitals FH
Trying 2 order..... cant change the quantity on the paypal link? am I being stoopid?

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