The AAC has found its Prince...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Prince Harry bids to become helicopter pilot

    Come now, 13 hours in 16 months... You can teach monkeys to fly quicker than that...

    Of course, if he passes it'll prove the Booties are harder... :D
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Would the AAC want him?
  3. I suppose Boujis will have to build a roof top HLS.
  4. If he's up to the mark why not. Also a better chance for him to deploy again than staying with the HCE, it must be sould destroying seeing your blokes go off on ops and have to sit at home minding the fort. Going out as a pilot would be a very good way for him to do his bit.
  5. This is the key phrase. I have no problem with him doing the full course to the required standard. What I don´t go with is the idea of him doing some made up shortened course with wings at the end of it like his brother did. However, ground school isn´t a swan, and you need more than a D grade art A level to cope with it.
  6. Give it away a bit having two apaches as bodyguards thou :)
  7. I think the correct term is Native American of the Athabaskan tribe.
  8. don't really understand your logic there. are you implying it's not dangerous for pilots or something?
  9. This is what happens when you let MDN go around kissing frogs... :clap:
  10. I love how ArmyNET stated that he was to be become a pilot, not that he would like to apply for selection. Wouldn't it great if we could all call our grans and ask to become tank commanders (ok - CVRs then), pilots and probably astronauts and rock stars too. Then the magic fairy says 'ok, Mister Subaltern, you shall go to the ball - consider it done'. Awesome.

    If he passes and joins his dad, uncle and brother as super duper pilots, then does it prove that ability and success in life is determined by genetics and not by hard work? Eugenics in action - Hitler would be proud!
  11. Assuming he passes the course.The wars will be over by then,won't they??
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Maybe he'll be crewed with Flashy!?
  13. but not apes
  14. Last I heard big brother was going back to do things properly with a view to serving as a SAR pilot.
  15. A Prince in the AAC? It makes a change from Princesses and Queens I suppose.