The A Team: Choose your 4!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slopey_shoulders, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Having a channel flick the other nite and up pops the A team on uk tv gold. After watching the last 10 minutes or so i had a thought if they made a film who would you cast as the A team??
    colonel hannibal smith; George clooney
    templeton peck{face man};brad pitt
    murdock;jim carey
    ba baracus;vin diesel/ving rames
    any ideas?? your thoughts!
  2. colonel hannibal smith; BCO
    templeton peck{face man}MDN
    mad murdock; Biscuits_AB
    ba baracus; Flashy with a mega sun tan


    colonel hannibal smith; Alan Shearer
    templeton peck{face man}Johnny Depp
    mad murdock; Graham Norton
    ba baracus; Aunty Stella with a mega suntan
  3. I thought they were making it into a movie - and Knightrider. Or was it all an 80's dream?!
  4. Smith - Julian Clary
    Face - Les Dawson
    Murdoch- Ricky Gervais
    Baracus - Craig David.
  5. IIRC, "The Hoff" (who I believe owns the rights), being an egomaniacal tw@t, started to throw his teddies out of his pram when the studios wanted someone younger to play Michael Knight. Word was that he threatened to pull the plug until he realised how much cash he stands to make and he's back on board, this time with the intention of playing Devon. I don't think they've started filming yet, or even cast the role of Michael, but the film is listed as being "in production" which means the co-producers are probably spending most of their time in the VIP room of the Cabana Club doing lines of coke off a hooker's arrse.

    As regards the A Team, the project has the green light, but nobody has been cast as far as I know:

    My choices:

    Hannibal- Capt Dale Dye (or Darth Doctrinus)
    Face- Owen Wilson (or RTFQ)
    Murdoch- Will Ferrell (or Flash)
    B.A.- Michael Clarke Duncan (or Herrenbloke- just because :twisted: )

    Stand by for Miami Vice later this year, with Colin Farrell as Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Tubs.
  6. How about:

    Hannibal- Dubya
    Face- Bliar or Berlusconi
    Murdoch- Blunkett or Rupert (Murdoch)
    BA- Abu Hamza
  7. And a team from the laydeeez

    colonel hannibal smith - Christine Hamilton
    templeton peck - Cherie Booth QC (aka WMF)
    murdock - Ann Widdecombe
    ba baracus - Grace Jones
  8. Hannibal - Dick Van Dyke
    Face - Sean Bean
    Murdoch - Rowan Atkinson
    B.A. - Chuck Norris (probably about eleventy-twelve years old now, but still hard as nails)

    Wouldn't mind seeing Monty Python cast as the A-Team.

    in fact, i changed my mind:

    Hannibal - Richard Dean Anderson
    Face - Ben Browder
    Murdoch - Dom DeLuise
    BA - Christoper Judge

    (yes, i do like stargate)
  9. yes my friend, you are going to hell. and for the terrible sin that is those suggestions, not even god will forgive you.

    -Edited cause of mong spelling
  10. Hannibal - Sean Connery
    Face - Adam Sandler
    Murdoch - Chevvy Chase/Jim Carey
    Baracus - Tyson
  11. But no one ever dies on the A-Team!

    And how is it people always manage to survive car crashes/explosions with nothing more than a cough.

    Anyone would think it was TV fiction!

    Smith- David Dickenson (from Bargain Hunt)
    Mr T- Matt Lucas (Little Britain)
    Face Man - Harold Bishop
    HM Murdoch Jimmy Carr
  12. It should be the A Team - 20 years on and still going!!

    Hanibal - Leslie Nielson
    Face - Don Johnson (of Miami vice fame)
    Murdoch - Christohper Walken
    BA - Danny Glover
    The chick - Jamie Lee Curtis (just because we are bound to see her naked)
    Col(Retd) Decker - Dennis Farina ( Avi from Snatch!)
  13. Serious:
    Hannibal - Anthoney Hopkins
    Face - Sean William Scott
    Murdoch - Jim Carey
    BA Baracus - Denzel Washington

    Not so serious:
    Hannibal: Catherine Tates 'How very dare you' fruity bloke
    Face: Chico from X factor
    Murdoch: Jack Dee
    BA Baracus: Ainsley Harriet
  14. ... this project has been going round the rumour mill for years. George Clooney was up for Hannibal. Mind you I'd be up for George anytime... (hormonal? Moi?)

    <... surviving in the Los Angeles underground as a soldier of fortune>