The A&S highlanders flasher parade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rincewind, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. Todays Daily Mail, page 11, colour photo, queen sittign in the middle, the bloke on her right hasnt adjusted his kilt so the photographer can see right up his kilt....

    what puzzles me is - do the argyl and southern highlanders really have a badger on thier sporen?

  2. "Argyll and Southern Highlanders" dont you start, Rincewind!

    I havent seen the picture. For the technically minded, it is possible for the kilt to be in a configuration which err raises no problems in normal lighting, however photographic flash has been known to reach areas not normally seen. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Badger's head, yes. Not the whole badger: defence cuts.
  3. Cheers, one of the frocks thought it might be a wind up photo with the little badgers on parade!!!


  4. The badger's bum is kept under the kilt.
  5. Badger before defence cuts

  6. Of course it is illegal to kill badgers but someone once told me that soldiers who happen to accidentally run over them jump out and throw them in the back to sell to sporran makers. Surely not!
  7. Is this an evil sassenach rumour, but do they not use fake badgers now? 8O
  8. The one in the pic looks real enough - and he comes with his own collection of shaving brushes!
  9. :D :D :D
  10. that man has no genitailia 8O
  11. the guy on the right is the new CO - know him well - was my first adjt.

    i have no doubt whatsoever, that he has done that intentionally and will be p*ssed that his tagger wasn't on parade as well.
  12. I have seen the evidence the old pattern sporrans are badger heads but they have tried to introduce a synthetic version which looks like a mutant kids soft toy and looks crap when viewed beside the real thing.

    I on the other hand often have a lady badgers head between my legs and that looks great too. LOL

    this is an american take on it....minging

    Unless his nuts were swinging free he would be classed as improperly dressed even when sat next to HM. I've seen a A&SH SNCO checking a load of jocks on parade with an inspection mirror. 8O :lol: :lol:
  13. Here is the Badger sporran made in Canada. Yes it's a real Badger.
    Why would A+SH use a plush toy one?

  14. The best shaving brushes use real badger hair, and the animals are farmed in China for the purpose. I wonder if the heads on the sporrans are a by-product?