The 90's

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by contact_wait_out, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Koko - Open Your Eyes - YouTube

    This takes me back to the 90's

    November 23rd 1993
    As I exited one of the many "scene" clubs on Broad Street, I recall what then for me was probaly the pinnacle of my life. As I stood there gently brushing my genuine although quite tacky leather jacket, smoking my 11th Mayfair of the night and gazing into the fairly picturess night sky. The music was booming from many of the busy clubs around the centre and I was glad to be alive. The biggest worrys for me back then were saving enough money for my weekly chinese or turning my music off before 0230 as not to wake my hairer very aggresive neighbour. Those days were great, this song instantly reinstalls the cocaine in my gums, my sleak jet black hair and my love for all things pink.

  2. Jeezus H Christ.

    Curiosity got the better of me there. I wish I hadn't checked that shite out though.

    My fecking ears man.
  3. I was apart of something very special, a memorable era. Where it was socially acceptable to wear tight stonewashed jeans, I could happily bow down to my Elton John poster each night before bed and I knew without doubt each night I would be drinking numorous alcoholic beverages without a worry in the world.

    Little did I know...that this was soon to come crashing down upon myself.
  4. the 90's was a decade where decent music seemed to go into a coma. so much turgid shit came out of that decade its unreal
  5. Come on, we await with trepidation for the next episode in your ever so
    interesting life.
  6. You are roobie and I claim my 21 16 and 10
  7. 23/11/93 - Tuesday, this is what I did:-
    Load Rugby Cement at South Ferriby - 24.980 Tonnes of Cement.
    Deliver to Russells Roof Tiles At Lockerbie at 1600hrs
    Veh...Volvo FL10...F264 KTN, Tank..T1260
    Kms driven..674
    Fuel Drawn..287lts
    Hours worked..12

  8. It was 1996 and my drug and drinking habits had come to an all time low. My body could no longer cope and was slowly starting to destroy itself. I was also socially wrecked, my party freinds had grown up and were starting to move on. I had to find something to do, get my life back on track.

    It was 1997 that I rocked up at Gib Barracks. As I carried my lowly self to the Guardroom to find out what I was auctually meant to be doing, another fairly spectacular moment took place. I cut across the grass by what is now the junior ranks mess, as I did this I was greeted by a deep northen accent "Oiii you, yes you with the Porno tash get off the fucking grass before I come over there and make you pregnant" I was fairly shocked and shaken, however little did I know this was one of very many encounters I would have with RP staff during my career. I didn't have a clue what I was entering and auctually how far apart it was from my fantasy world back in Birmingham.
  9. You wore tight stonewashed jeans in the 90s? Really???
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  10. thanks for sharing.
    wait is cant is......faintly...... in the distance.....the worlds smallest violin......playing the worlds saddest fucking song, just for you
  11. Go and touch your giant Regimental mascot you skirt wearing pansy.
  12. Yeah, that shit-hole is full of Fantasists.

    Monday, 13/01/69.. I didn't walk on the grass at Helles Bks.
  13. i would but he's taken a restraining order against me :-D
  14. For me the 90s was a mixed bag,,,New relationship great,new job shit,new home brill,,new 'music' absolute efing shite crap 'songs'......
  15. I recall 01/01/2000 well, I was auctually on Guard the minute we went into the next millenium, that is when I started having doubts about my chosen career. There was something a little surreal about standing on a gate in the dark, while people in the millions were partying and drinking not so far away. I remember having a little condor moment and asking myself if this was the career for me.
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