The 9/12th Royal Lancers royal amored core

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. can any give me any info into about there training and place's to where they do there training.

    do they let ya do ya bike test aswell as car.

    am just waiting on my medical files from my doctor to be sent then ill need my interview's

    wen ya have ya medical do they check ya teeth cos i smashed 1 of my teeth out about 1 year ago and half is left in still lol so is that a big factor

    any other tips and info wud be great cheers guys
  2. You'll do fine in the three-quarter Lancers, just
  3. It's Royal Armoured Corps :evil: :evil:
  4. well what was that ment to mean

    and yes i just seen. i spelt it wrong....
  5. Killergibbo.............exactly which recruiting office in Romania told you to join the Royal Armoured Corps then ?
  6. Go back to School first, and learn some spelling and Grammar!
  7. well whats wrong with the Royal Armoured Corps
  8. Come on...who else cried for an hour after reading this? Laugh? I almost crashed me fags!
  9. Mate as the Dragoon said you will fit in with the 9th/12th.Dont worry about your bike licence, as long as you can drive a Corsa your sorted.
  10. [​IMG]
    Look what firefox 2 could do for you it would make you spell proper and eveythink. innit :thumright:
  11. As long as it is purple, with a big bass booster in the boot.
  12. dont like car's,am into bike's alot more never can see myself driving a car.anyways cheers for the spelling lesson just having to clean my keyboard so am missing sum letter's sometime's

    but is anyone going to give me any info or we being a bunch of ***** wasting bandwidth
  13. Right mate 9th/12th are a Formation Recce regiment based in Hohne in Germany. I know it says Royal Armoured Corp ,but FR is not just tracked wagons . They have snipers and a few FAC's may take a good few years to do that .You will join(if you pass training ) your regiment as a Driver on CVR(T) which in laymans terms is a small tank. 50% of your job will be on foot ,it can be good fun and like everything else in the army its shit as well. You need to be pretty fit and switched on in a recce regiment , you will do a lot of radio work . You will be toaught to drive at Bovington where you carry out your Phase 2 training.
  14. ...and you need to be able to write and spell words IN THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH to use Bowman Comms System

    Muppet, but good luck to you

    hope you're not taller than 5'2"

  15. Dont worry about a broken tooth - the girls at 'Oh La La' will still take your 50 Euros