The 84mm Carl Gustav MAW "The stuff of nightmares"

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by simroy, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Number 1 on the Charlie G must have been one of the most hated jobs in an infantry platoon and the most useless morale destroying bits of kit to have to carry on exercise or on a tab? Can't think of any positives about it?

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  2. Probably the most hated job by 1 & 2 in an RE Troop too. WTF did we have it for? Oh I know; getting fitter on runs and ballast. Trouble is, a command of "back blast area clear" was followed by a discussion as to what 'that bloke just said' as it always came out as a conversation from Mars Attacks.(that film hadn't been invented yet either) One training round every four years or so was the norm (for us) and honed every operator to ninja level, nearly.
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  3. How was that ever considered state of the art? Ever? You fcukers should clearly have died years ago.
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  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I remember lugging it on exercise from Sandhurst at STANTA, and having to use para cord as a sling - absolute agony.
  5. I did!

    1234 etc
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    cuddling up to the number one after loading with as much cotton wool under you amplivox as you could get in there and still ending up deaf for the day.

    volunteering to carry the gimpy cos it was lighter

    its still used I do believe as they worked up the ammo a bit - fortunately not by us.
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  7. Wasn't it used in anger only once by the Brits... in the Falklands, against a ship? Prob wrong, as ever.
  8. I was an instructor at Depot the Kings Division in the early 80's and we used to take the recruits up to Warcop for live firing of the beast and i remember despite wearing 'double' hearing protection after, 20 TPTP rounds and the annual 1 HEAT round that we fired i had a nose bleed for several days and that dammed ringing noise in my head lasted till about 1995?
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  9. So crap and 'outdated', that the US Army Rangers have adopted the series three model in the last few years.

    Personally I feel pity for the poor barsteward who is expected to hoik that about on an FTX
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  10. I heard they used it for bunker busting as well on the Falklands. Might be right?
  11. I should imagine certainly more accurate than I am. Thought 'Milan' took that honour?
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  12. Yes I think that's correct and I think they also knocked out an Amtrac with it as well?
  13. Strange you should mention the RE seem to remember during a search operation near Forkhill South Armagh in 1980 that the REST used one (TPTP i think) to fire at a derelict building, not sure why, that they were going to search?
  14. If any of you Army cadets had ever used one in action you would realize it was a f@cking beast of a piece of kit, I only fired one once in a shit situation,no "Felix" available so I was tasked to engage a hijacked 3 ton van with a Charlie G,just in case it was an IED , two rounds fired and the truck was a burned out wreck, f@cking marvellous, but unfortunately it most certainly was not an IED, no secondary explosion, Oh well
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  15. Crawled the best part of a kilometre with one at Otterburn. The only time I've known Otterburn to be in blazing sunshine. The carrot on the stick was that I'd be firing the live round that my No.2 had dragged across the bracken.

    Gets to the firing point. "Load", "Loaded", "On", "Clear"...


    DS stopped us because the range was too dry. Why couldn't the twat have told us that before we started?
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