The 6ft High Club

Okay for my 100th post I thought I'd start something. . .

We've all heard of the mile high club, but getting some nookie on a train is known as the 6ft high club. Members please step forward & regale us with your tale of your entry to this club.


On the way to watch football opening day of the season, gets on the train & in the carriage are a hen party, me with beer in hand (and much in stomach too) decides this is the carriage for me & suprisingly my muckers agreed! :D

Cutting long story short, Much drinking results in beer gone & still ages of journey left I fucks off down the train to acquire some more, on returning back gets to the door of the carriage we're all in & one of the birds stops me, in retrospect she was fat & minging, but she offered me a blowie in the toilet so who am I to judge.

Never did live it down with my mates like, but drinking Stella getting blown off on the way to football, there are worse ways to spend your Saturday lunch time.

so my fellow Arrsers, your stories please . . . (the sicker & depraved the better)
81cufc said:
she was fat & minging, but she offered me a blowie in the toilet so who am I to judge.
It didn't happen did it, be honest, you were daydreaming and spaffed in yer kegs!

Train sex walt!
As a schoolboy, on the skive to pick up my 'bird' in Larne.

Trains here used to have a wee room at the end of the carriage with two bench seats along the outside, for people with bikes/luggage.

Hey... I only got to see her about once a month and I was 17.

Ticket collector walked in on us. Never batted an eye.
I see your 6ft shag and raise you a bunk bed in a ferry fcuk. 'Twas on the return trip from skiing in Norway and got invited into the cabin of one of the girls from the WRAC team (yes, I am that old!!). Hard at it, banging my head on the up stroke (it was the top bunk) and in walks her boss. She did a swift about turn and didn't say a dickie bird. Mind you, when she turned up as the ack adj at 16 AD a few months later she did give me a few funny looks.
Left the army and went to uni. Lasted three days before being chucked out for attacking some dolt for waking me at 5am and insisting I go for a run. Thought I'd left that behind when I cleared out, but I digress....

On the train back home we went through the Karoo at night. I'd spent the afternoon chatting up a very pleasant young lady and drinking beer with her in my compartment. Invited her to spend the night with me but she said something about her boyfriend and wandered back to her own compartment. Figured I'd surprise her so stripped naked and climbed out the window, edging along using my fingers and toes in the beading on the outside of the carriage. Knocked on her window and she was so impressed she let me in for a quickie. Did the deed and got back the same way for a good night's sleep.

Young, dumb and bulletproof. Be tricky explaining the naked body smeared up against the side of a tunnel if it all went pear shaped.

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