The 65th

A cracking read:

The near future. The Federal Republic of Britain (pop 80 million, currency the euro) undergoes the final stages of assimilation into the EU.

French, German and other foreign troops begin to deploy in south England.

The last regiment of the British Army mutinies and makes an armed stand.

As entertainment this is on a par with Sven Hassel.

The 65th
It is the near-future. The Badlands is a lawless rural backwater on the rugged Atlantic coast of North Devon, long since abandoned by the dictatorial urban architects of the Federal Republic of Britain. Languishing on a run-down military base in the Badlands is a maverick regiment of the British Army - the 65th Royal Horse Artillery - a regiment proud of its tradition of being annihilated in battle. Having served with dishonour throughout its long and controversial history it seesm that nothing can ultimately protect the 65th from the politicians in London who are looking to streamline the military budget and regain control over the region. Realising they have a common cause, the 65th and the local population join forces, and events soon descend into high farce as the British government does the unthinkable and takes up arms against its own soldiers.

'Harry', many thanks for these comments; I'm delighted you enjoyed the book. Quite a few people have been in touch with me having read it, and kind words always mean a great deal!

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