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The 600 Club

I have just realised that I have 610 "Likes" However,some questions.

Do I get a speshul medal?
Am I able to sell my likes to some pathetic loser who is unable to get any at all?

Mark The Convict

Are some likes worth more than others? For example;

1 x Hector Chavez V like =

25.7 Ciggie likes, or

77.018 Ronangel likes, or

1897 of mine?
I don't pay much attention to my 'likes' as I find myself as funny as cot death so fail to understand why other folk do.

A quick check shows I have received 1350 but only 1268 are viewable because I'm a poisonous cunt and post on nasty threads that tend to get deleted :)

The only thing good about 'likes' is the memory of Mrrandom suggesting that the first arrser to reach 1000 likes pay £100 to Hols 4 Heroes. Cue Sluggy, myself and half of arrse liking everything he had ever posted. Made I larf.

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