The 5?st state??? or a lap-dog of Europe???

....errrrrrm ....ok! :?

Personally I believe we are better off in NAFTA than the EU, but I hold the opinion that we should be neither the 51st State of the USA nor the 7th Region of Europe. Aligned with NAFTA, trading with Europe, governed in London (and none of this devolved parliament nonesense either)!


ENGLISH SPEAKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE ! you have nothing to lose but your Euro membership !
Who do you pick?

Contestant number 1, Tony, would offer you the comforts of the euro, less defence (fnar fnar) and lots of moral confusion

contestant number 2, jacques, says he will allow you to forget your past, so long as you use his currency, have flexible beliefs (wahey!) and agree to everything that benefits him

while contestant number 3, george, says if you follow him, you will get his undying gratitude and your own reverse brown wings (mmmm).....the choice, is yours!!!!!
Err...i know most of you don't really like France and Germany. You say it is because they didn't go to war in Iraq.
Now personally i think it's ok that we went in but not the way we have ballsed it up.
I feel that the French and Germans were quite right not to go to war. They were suspicious of the fact that bush wanted to attack Iraq not any of the others. Nor surprising.

Pause for a moment and think...yes...the Iraqi people were supressed by a harsh regime but enough of them liked it to be killing our men every week now.

...Why Iraq? There are many other dictatorships in the Middle-East and Africa.

...Why Iraq? N.Korea was threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike but america wanted to look for phantom WMD's in Iraq.

...Why Iraq? It has...quite by one of the world's largest oil supplies.

Oil, the smelly black shit that keeps the wheels of Spam-Empire turning, invading, killing civvies and polluting our frigging planet... :(



Book Reviewer

Sorry, but you have been reading the Guardian and the Indy too long. Out here, Iraqis are not 'killing our men every week'. The few casualties we, and most of those caused to the Yanks, have been by either Wahabbi militants and other imported terrorists (usually from saudi, but you daren't say that), former Saddamites (understandably p*ssed off at losing their perks), or smugglers/criminals (upset at our introducing a real police force). The Iraqis are, genuinely, pleased to see us here, and frankly, for most of them, life has never been so good. As I have noted in other posts, they have no taxes, very cheap fuel, free electricity (24 Hours a day, and NO fuel shortages), and we are paying them out of their own money, of which there appears to be plenty.

Don't believe all you read in the papers, and especially what you see/hear on the TV. Several times we have tried to get the BBC to come and do a story on the real situation here, but guess what - they aren't interested. As to WMD, difference between Iraq and the others? Easy, and obvious - Saddam HAS ALREADY USED THEM - several times - so it was likely that he would do so again. If they are phantom, ask the families of the thousands killed by them out here already. Even the mad NKs haven't yet bombed anyone - and why? Because they are shit scared that they'll get what Saddam got. That's made it worthwhile already.

As to Oil, again you are talking Bollocks, and I'm getting fed up with the same story trotted out by anti-Yanks everywhere. Where do you think Saddam sold the oil to before? Do you imagine that the Yanks now 'control' Iraqs' oil any differently to before? IT ALWAYS GOT SOLD ON THE OPEN MARKET. So, there is no difference between now and pre-war, except that it isn't smuggled out so much, but is now exported legally, and the Interim Govt gets the income for the good and benefit of all Iraqis, rather than Saddam and his pals as before.

As to polluting the planet - why don't you stop the world and get off. Go Vegan, start walking everywhere, and go live in a teepee in Wales. Then you can complain without being a canting hypocrite.
I'm in agreement with C-I-G on this post.

America: Judge, Jury and Executioner? Who the hell gave them the right to push their aggressive foreign policy on every Tom, Dick and Harry? I see now that the whole country [Iraq] is such a pig's ear that the Spams want the UN to bail them out (but under USA command). Ha! Spams change the rules when it suits them and it's costing them a heap load of dosh.

Iraq: Pre war, Ok, wasnt ideal. Saddam, bit of a nutter (but then there are other leaders in other countries just as bad, a la Mugabe) and sadistic bastard. But at least the country had electricity, running water and some form of education and medical facilities. What have they got now? sweet Fanny Anne. Looting, murder, gun toting and anti yank gangs taking pot shots at patrols.

Yanks are an occupying force, so that illiterate bastard Bush can be voted a second term. His fascist party cabinet is the whole of corporate America with the 'old boy back scratching network' to get the contracts to "rebuild" Iraq.

WMD's: Where are they? The whole war on Blair's dodgy dossier - the whole thing stunk. The whole country was lied to. I voted Blair in two elections, not next time, the SOB.!!!!
You're the best Dave, god bless you and my he guard you till the end of your days!
I was worried i was outnumbered by spam-sympathisers.

Thanks for the back-up...
Hey! No problem C-I-G.

We are becoming America's bastard state. If you asked Joe Public to envisage where the USA was, they would probably place it where Ireland is. Thats how an much an influence that burger eating country is.

George W Bush is a very dangerous man.
#12's good that you can see the danger too, but our leader isn't much better...Bush wears the trousers in the relationship but Blair is still responsible for quite a few problems of his own doing.

...I for one am voting 'Blue'...not red.

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