The 5 Phases of Turning Civvie.

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by Stoat_10, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. I left in 2001, the missus has just turned Civvie after 22. It's struck me that she is going through the very same identifiable stages of 'transition' as I did.

    1. Thank f**k for that.
    2. I thought I'd have more time on my hands...
    3. Why doesn't anyone tell me what's going on? (Well sweetheart....)
    4. I never got a Regimental / Corps plaque...
    5. Don't throw those away!! (Random bog standard course notes on some obscure aspect of Army Nursing with a foreword by Florence Nightingale)

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  2. Did she grow a beard and let her grow then? Has she joined a union? :grin:
  3. There is also phase 6:-

    6. Having left. A few years later wishing you hadn't and realising even the bad times were good and wishing you were back in.

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  4. One major sign is a slow retreat from needing to check Arrse on a daily basis for the 'green' hit.
  5. 7. Looking down and wondering, what the **** is that round thing under your jumper that's obscuring your feet?

    P.S. Doesn't apply to AGC, they haven't seen theirs since they completed Phase 1!:)
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  6. 8. Reliving the glory days to anyone who will listen in the pub?

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  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Your 5 are the same as my missus went through to a tee. And if yours is anything like mine, it will be followed by a brain dump of all things military, resulting in questions that anyone with the briefest of acquaintances with the forces should be able to answer.
  8. Your memories of oppos names fails and you only know faces and sound like a complete walt trying to recount people and places you should be able to fire off rapidly
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  9. You realise you haven't seen your boot brushes for ages. In fact, you binned them and didn't even realise!
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  10. I'm still developing a further stage, watching reports from Afghanistan and saying "What the f**k is that he's wearing / carrying / firing?"...
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  11. They're QA, C'mon. They did have the briefest acquaintance...
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  12. If you're an ex-matelot the transition includes tolerating the civvies in your new workplace dropping in Nautical/Village People references in EVERYTHING they say to you.
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  13. You forgot the final stage: nagging thoughts about re-enlisting that will last untill you either do or die.
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  14. Done that too. No doubt the O.C will dream of running a ward in Helmand soon.
  15. Having cleared out my garage this past weekend, I can certainly associate with 5. Having found a sizeable amount of crap (mostly course related materials), I initially decided to get shot of it, so it all went into a black bin liner and sat by the door awaiting transportation to the recycling centre with the rest of it. As I ploughed on with the main task, I found myself taking a couple of minutes here and there to read snippets from the damp smelling, dog eared contents of the bin liner. In a nutshell, I've kept them. I've found a place in the garage for them. They may never see the light of day until the next major clear out, but I'm glad didn't get shot of them. They hold some good memories, even though I wholeheartedly agree with Point 1.