The 4th plinth, Trafalgar

an arrser is in there (iirc) just like you, i can't be bothered doing a search on this.
That'll be me then
wompingwillow said:
That'll be me then
Well done ww, as i said, i knew someone was doing it, couldn't remember it was your good self. This is an unashamed bump for the arrse meet, can't attend that one, i'm too far North. All the best.

being a loafing c-nt i should be about at the end of the month
Aye 3pm - 4pm timing was dam lucky having joined the secret society of plinthers, some 'artists' are really bitching about getting grave yard slots and not being able to perform to an audience and then there is me, can't draw, can't sing, can't dance, but I can I hope raise some cash and raise the profile of a good cause!
Oh trust me full clothed, unless we want to be invaded by Green Peace protesters trying to refloat me! SO see you at 15:55!
Slug and MakaPaka will be there.

If anyone calls me fat, I will batter them.
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