The 47yr old Virgin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by carlbcfc, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Although she seems to have a great voice, thats obviously compensation for being born with a face like that.

    My question is:

    Would you be her first?
  2. I'd pretend to be, wine and dine her, listen to all her life stories with fake interest, take her back up to a fancy hotel room, light candles to set the mood, play some romantic music...

    Then pin her down punch her in the face and arse rape her before spaffing on her face.

    She'd me emotionally scarred for the rest of her pathetic ugly life.
  3. You old romantic Whiskey
  4. There's only one thing worse than an ugly bird. An over confident ugly bird who thinks she's not ugly. I did a woman about that age (better looking I must add with a slimmer figure) and I can tell you, you just want to shave off all that grey wirey hair, it's like used Brillo.
  5. Oh eyes...

    :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:

    No never, not with a bergan over her head, and not even with yours....

  6. No, there is worse than that....An over confident ugly bird that turns you down when your looking for that 3am "last chane of a shag"...the shame of it
  7. She's got a pulse, been on telly, and gonna be loaded................!
    Think of all those beer goggle chitty's she's gonna be earning.

  8. I think we're all being a bit harsh about her looks. If you changed her face and her body she'd look quite nice.
  9. You're sadly correct. Don't you just want to shake them and shout down their ear, "You're an ugly pig, what's your problem"? :x
  10. I counter it by going upto another ugly bird and asking her is she wants to dance..when she says yes i say well fuk off over there and dance while i talk to your mate.

    Getting one over on the uglys makes me feel a lot better.

  11. Feck off

    she is way above your league

    you wouldnt stand a chance with her
  12. Yeh no problem
    She looks set to be worth a mint, where's the issue?
  13. Are you nuts? Any bird who used to agree to a dance with me went on my Must Stalk List immediately.
  14. I already have sound Int that her minge looks like your avatar.
  15. Oh what a dilemma, would I do her (with her Ken Dodd looks) or do I take Slug up on her offer? Or do I indulge myself in the greatest wankfest ever by imaging her and slug going at it hammer and tongue!!!