the 40year old mini gap year, ideas ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jesusjones, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. At the start on november ive got six weeks of work and a buget of around 2k, im on my jack and im fit as a butchers dog, ive been around the world a couple of times but nowhere "life enhancing" for ten years. it will be the first chance in many years to do what i and i alone want to do.
    Im struggling for ideas to amaze me, i like the epic, i consider all what i am about to do as part of my mid life crisis, thailand isnt what im looking for , know any great treks or train journey into the yet undisturbed by the british tourist, somehwhere that when you get back you will have a tale to tell, or am i just drunk again and past them year.

    Adventure is the word i think im dancing around.
  2. Rejoining and going to Helmand not for you then? ;)

    You might find a slot as crew on a yacht doing the Southern Ocean....
  3. The crew might find a slot for him or more likely, the crew will find his...

    GAP year?? at 40???

    Parole works then?? Even in Peterhead???....
  4. It's the NAAFI... Check...

    It seems like a sensible question... Check...

    He's Dancing... Check...

    We have a slew of transvestite bars and clubs here in the USA... You could try a tour.
  5. Have you ever thought of garden clearance and house cleaning in North Yorkshire?

    No - seriously. Don't diss Thailand. Mr Dale and I (a few years ago) got on a plane to Bangkok and got a taxi to Hua Hin and told him to find us a hotel. Stayed there a few days and chilled, got a blerk to take us to a random island on his boat, saw some great views.

    From Hua Hin, we got a train to Kanchanaburi, found some random hotel, got the bus to Hellfire Pass and walked it, with some crazy Manc who was "finding himself". That is well worth doing (Hellfire Pass - not mancs). It gives you a lot to think about.

    Then got the bus back to Bangkok and stayed there a few days, the place stinks, but there are some nice hotels and we went to see the House of Bamboo! (Sorry - it's an Andy Williams song).

    It depends what you are after really, do you want cultural or party stuff? You could just always go to your nearest airport with your bags packed and passport and ask for the next flight out and take it from there.

    Sluggy xx

    (Jesus Christ I am getting sensible in my old age).
  6. 2k ?? Doesn't really stretch for a proper mid-life crisis of a porsche and a girlfriend half your age.
  7. Not done the car thing yet, but the other is WAY over rated.....
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Cheap flight to Bombay. Stay 3-5 days. Try not to die. Train to Calcutta. Stay 3-5 days try not to die. Head north on the river towards Assam. Stay... well, you get the picture.

    Try and get into Bhutan & Sikkim. Try not to want to stay. Sorted.
  9. i see this thread has not gone off the topic yet...

    jesus..why not try Pakistan...go for the k2 challenge..i hear it lovely this time of the year...if you can find a few frozen bodies i believe there is a bonus available form the Spanish govt...

    Op Raleigh. Its not just for students anymore, they're crying out for volunteer managers up to age 75.
    £2K will buy you ten weeks, mentoring todays yoof/tomorrows leaders.
    Go on, you know you want to.
  11. Halo Trust? Make sure you get off on the right foot though...
  12. Seconded, I recently did three months in Borneo with this lot. As you'd expect from a charity the organisation is somewhat shambolic and the kit is falling to bits* However, I'd still recommend them. I went out as a snapper and had an amazing time.

    They are always short of trek leaders and medics, so if you're qualified you'll probably get a bursary to do the expedition rather than having to bugger about with the fundraising.

    Any questions, let me know

    (*Resisting urge to make a gag about the TA)
  13. You could try walking the Appalachian Trail (runs from Georgia to Maine- only 2,000 miles or so) If a fat, bearded travel writer like Bill Bryson can do it, it should be a piece of p1ss. (A Walk in the Woods)

    Or, more in the spirit of the NAAFI bar, try and retrace the steps of that cnut from "Into The Wild". Throw all your cash away, ditch your car and wander around like a Harry Ramp for a while, shagging underage girls. Just try and leave out the bit about dying from starvation when you get stuck the wrong side of a river swollen by snow-melt because you were too much of a tw@t to take a map with you- which would have told you there was a crossing point with a hand-operated tram just 500 metres from your LOCSTAT.

    (Sorry if that spoiled the end of the film for anyone.)
  14. This being the NAAFI :

    I heard on Rayjo Wun yesterday that sex workers in UK are getting as little as fifteen quid for the full works, so your two grand would go a long way if you 'employ' one at a time, alternatively you could blow it all very quickly by employing a shed load at once.

    My sensible choice would be either:

    Staying in UK and doing the Pennine Way , staying in the very best places possible each evening, with the option of riding some sections on horseback.

    You could easily stretch it out to six weeks.
  15. how about the Yukon? One of the great wildernesses...