The 4 Cs

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Hoping some of the EOD types (or anyone else who's been spammed in the past) might have any basic notes that i can use to pad out a presentation on the 4 (or is it now 5) C's ??? ........

    .........FOR A LESSON I'VE GOT TO GIVE TOMORROW :evil: !!!!!!!!!!!

    Please PM me.
  2. You'd have been better off with the 6 P's........................
  3. You can talk it's 7 'P's...
  4. I prefer 6. Using 7 is a waste of breath, a bit like the Loggie movers and jumped up SNCO's pretending they're officers.
  5. Why not just leave a dodgy looking suitcase in the class room then hide in the back. Dial 999 then...

    Watch and learn!
  6. believe it's five now:

    "Check for secondaries"
  7. It's not 5.

    I've sent you a pm.
  8. Griffin is teaching five, I believe, but don't know if OldBigHead is Civ or Military.
  9. We (the armed forces) teach four.
  10. Ah, never trusted those police-types...always have to go one better. :)
  11. The only waste of breath is the oxygen to which you're not entitled. It's a bit sad you couldn't take what you dish out and have to try to divert attention. Have some pride and get some wit man!
  12. The Five D's of Dodgeball are more like it:





    and, er

  13. Dry your eyes princess,I think its fairly well known that ARRSE is full of Civvies, Walts, has-beens and wannabees.

    Believe it or not, some of us dont feel the need to comment on every thread and it has only been on here about an hour, give us a chance!
  14. Or they could have put their Tin Foil hats on and been thinking OPSEC.
  15. Give your head a wobble FFS. How can saying we teach 4C's be breaking OPSEC? We teach section attacks. Is that breaking OPSEC? If someone posted the whole lesson plan then i'd see your point but otherwise you are being very silly.