The 39th Anniversary of the IRA Bombing of 16 Para Brigade Officers Mess

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Only the dead have seen the end of war.

    Resting in Peace I Pray.
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  2. I can't believe it will be 40 years next month ! I remember it going off, I was cycling home for lunch at the time.

    Wonder if the will do any commemoration ceremony ?
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  3. I remember it well. I was at school in Fleet and heard the bang.
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  4. I will be there!
  5. If I hear anything being organised I'll post it.
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  6. 1215hrs Wednesday 22nd February 2012.

    I can confirm that;
    The gate at the top of Hospital hill will be open for visitors to pay their respects most of the day!

    Security will be on hand.
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  7. Thanks.

    I'll see if I can get there.
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  8. RIP Fr Gerry Weston
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  9. ####Just a reminder for anybody that is interested.

    At approximately 1220hrs on 22nd February 1972 the IRA detonated a car bomb that had
    been placed outside the 16 Para Bde Officers mess, In Montgomery Lines Aldershot.

    The force of the explosion killed an army priest, Capt Gerry Weston MBE, plus 6 civilians,
    the gardener John Haslar who had been working for the Army since 1958 & the mess staff,
    Thelma Bosley 44, Margaret Grant 32, Joann Lunn 39, Jill Mansfield 34 & Sheri Munton 20.

    In addition to that, almost every window in the barracks & those barracks close by,
    including some of the shops in Aldershot town were damaged.

    The Official IRA claimed responsibility.

    In November 1972, Noel Jenkinson was convicted for his part in the bombing and received
    a lengthy jail term, dying in prison of heart failure four years later.

    On Wednesday 22nd Feb, it is the 40th anniversary & there will be a small service held at the memorial,
    in Montgomery Lines at 1215hrs.

    The gates will be open & visitors will be welcome. ID will be required. Security will be on hand.
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  10. ####In addition to the remembrance service in Aldershot, there is also one in Liverpool.
    The birth & resting place of Captain Gerry weston MBE.

    Here are the details of the service organised by St Mary's College,
    to mark the anniversary.
    If anyone is up in this neck of the woods and wishes to attend they would be most welcome.

    Final details are still being worked out, but just to inform that the Mass at SS Peter
    and Paul Church Crosby at 09.10 on Wednesday 22 February
    will be dedicated to Gerry Weston and there will a short wreath laying ceremony
    at his grave afterwards.

    Prayers will be offered for the others who died on that terrible day.
    The Army, College and British Legion will be represented there.
    We will be thinking about you folks at the Aldershot memorial as we remember.

    Details for SS Peter & Paul, below...................................

    SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church
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  11. A good memorial and speech.

    I still can't believe it's 40 years ago !
  12. We have come to that time of year again...........

    Saturday 22nd February 2014, is the 42nd anniversary of the bombing of 16 Para Bde Officers Mess.

    Anybody wanting to visit/pay their respects, the gate will be open from 0730hrs.
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  13. If anybody is going to Crosby, please light a candle for Fr Gerry on my behalf. Cheers
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