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The 36B Bus

Fuck Me!!! The bus full of nurses has finally arrived for the Friday Night bash in the NAAFI!.
Problem is, I came out over thirty years ago... Still, good to see it wasn't just a wind-up then.


Hey you, stop hi-jacking my thread. Roland has got his own thread.
Can't a man be left to his fantasies, of models and pulling!!
Would it help if I said I believe I may know one of the lassies in your photo...
Ill have the one rear second left, the fucking Marilyn Manson tribute act.

Ended up in Rathcoole mid 90's one weekend when you had to get permission, shitty place but with sluts in shell suits and baseball caps, every cloud and all that ....
No, not queer. I can get better looking women like that. You probably think the said "models" are hot because your a 50 year old fatty who only dumps his muck in your old fatty missus
about 20 years out, but thanks for trying heres your bendy bully now kindly fuck off the set............... and don't touch the fucking speedboat, cunt

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