the 3 gun challenge


after reading all the gun debates decided to start one in the bar without all sh1te army doctrine or rodneys quoting pamphlets this is one for the social out cast gunnuts you choose 1 pistol 1 shotgun 1 longgun for personal defense  my pistol gunsite gsp 1911 my shotgun 14 in barrel custom rem 1100 my long tubbs tactical ar 10 chambered in 308 please feel free to bow down or ridicule
Pistol-Wilson CQB

Shotgun-Scattergun Technologies SWAT model

Long-For big range accuracy=Dakota T76 Longbow in Lapua .338

 but for an assault weapon=DS Arms SA58 mini.

You lot have been on that f*cking moonshine again haven't you? ........and listening to Billy Rae Cyrus and his achy breaky f*cking heart? :D
Have I got that right?  it is Billy Rae Cyrus and not the squaddie version.....Billy Rae Cyprus?
You ladies are all barking up the wrong tree, with your girly hom colts and spazzy spas's.

S&W all the way
Now that is the weapon of a gentleman, the above is the current worl record holding eight shot Mod 627.

Hell they even do a rifle ;D

.50) cal super mag, shoots down Space shuttles, absolutley the most unpractical mong gun ever, but it looks the works

I trust the Colt fans will roll over and die now.

In summary S&W are sexy, Colts + homo gadgets are for wannabes and rent boys


War Hero
This all reminds me of a movie i once saw which included the following lines:

"this is my rifle, this is my gun!"

"this is for shooting, an this is for fun!"



You lot have been on that f*cking moonshine again haven't you? ........and listening to Billy Rae Cyrus and his achy breaky f*cking heart? :D
only difference is im a lot fatter anddrastically more mentally unstable than ol billy ray [and have a lot more guns]


donut youre lurching towards your commie views again ;D the 50 cal x frame is a serious hog gun


i take it the SA80 is not favour then  ;)
you are correct sir thats the reason its in the colonel because guys can post their hetro death cannon choices without some blanket stacker justifying why that plastic piece of crap is a viable option or because some fat puff politician said so
I've got to hand it to you MDN, you are die hard S&W and had the learned fadgaf given the choice of a secondary pistole, then I would be right there with you, but not as an option for a main (unless I was John Wayne as Lon McQ the tough Seattle cop).
And MaSonic, so what if a man get's bow-legged on white lightening once in a while. So long as the old lady doesn't go whining to the feds about having lumps put on her, then nobody gets hurt. Am I right or what?
Colts are Pony!

Thay lack looks, panache, perfomance, calibre and are older than my fat grandad.

The Smith on the other hand is a pistol of the practical pistil shooter, the colt is for people that think they can shoot.

Wheel gunners are better men ;D


wheel gunners are limp wristed ferns who cant handle 11 rounds of death thunder coming out of the barrel because their spindly girl bones will snap  ;D
Wheel guns are only acceptable as a primary if you are a 53 year old New York cop who wears tweed jackets with leather pads on the elbows, and drinks Jim Beam and Pepto Bismol for his stomach ulcer. You should also have an Ex-wife called Martha who's pressuring you for more alimony for the kids (eating up your retirement fund), 20 years service in the 'tough' 5th precinct and a rookie partner who is always giving you hassle about eating junk food.
Oh yeah and finally a penchant for homosexuality would be compulsory to carry such a weapon as your main tool.


Rigger, you also forgot the necessity to be hung like a Siberian Hamster/Philipino Goldfish. Oh MDN that'll be you then.
All the well hung and competant blokes use a Smith revolver

All the shoot em quick and miss, tiny-todgered gang choose and auto because they think they look cool.

After all John Wayne used a Colt and he was a nobber

My challenge to you auto puffs is 24 rds @ 30 yds, into a head size target, speed and 100% hits count.

Bet the wheel gunner wins.

The words to the hymn have been modified, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam really went 'Jesus wants Chris for the Smith team' after all the messiah himself used a wheel gun ;D


I demand a drugs test your honour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe he had parkinsons desease and only meant to do one shot, the other 7 were NDs.
The man is truly unbelievable, he was at the world PP championships in 92 at Bisley and was awesome then hes had ten years more experience since then.

The pistol has a slightly doctored trigger and there was no fanning of the hammer.

Everyone asked for his autograph, I asked him for his soiled underpants 8)

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