The 2nd English civil war

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. The Royalists,I wish Guy Fawkes had done a better job!

  2. The Parlimentarians, The sooner we are a republic the better!

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  3. None,Im a chav, I would just loot the dead and wounded

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  4. I would join the Self preservation society,Australia/New Zealand here I come!

  1. As a purely hypothetical question, If there was a 2nd English civil war, who would you side with the Royalists or Parlimentarians?
  2. Royalists, only constant.

  3. Can you quess who voted for the Parlimentarians? :D
  4. Corps the patriot in the mel gibson sense then? :wink:
  5. i always rember from school that guy fawkes was trying to blow king james up at the state opening of parliment becuase fawkes was a catholic and wanted to kill the king
    i am a royalist never trust someone who wants to be a member of parliment
  6. i AM a Parliamentarian ,
    i have actually acted out my Parliamentarians activities via the Sealed Knot society when i was much younger , first as a Pikeman and then as a Musketeer all in "Sir Thomas Fairfax's Regiment of Foote" :D

    look here
    i had many good memories of getting pissed and wenching 17th century style ! :wink:
    unfortunatly work prevented me from continuing.
  7. Oliver Cromwell ruled with the support of the Army and the respect of the majority of the population.He was first and foremost an honest man(despite being an Xian)frequently despairing of the antics of the religious fanatics he found himself allied with.He invited the Jews to return to England after 4 centuries of banishment and attempted to allow freedom of conscience for Papists and dissenters.

    I suspect if he were here today he would not wish to strike the head from "The Man of Blood" Charles Stuart but from "The Man of Blood,Lies and Deceit" Anthony Charles Lynton Bliar
  8. Royalist, what else is there?

    I swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen in the recruiting office in Brighton and meant every word of it, the only downside was I lent some bas*ard my bible (they gave it to me after my swearing in) while the tosser was doing 28 days and never saw it back.

    I'm not very God squad but would dearly like to have it back. :(
  9. God save the Queen, long may she reign.
  10. 8O Er, ask someone Irish what they think of Cromwell. Think Drogheda. Looking at the number of royal regiments and corps and royal appointments as colonel-in-chiefs, I'm pretty sure I know which side would win. The HAC sided with the wrong side the first time around and they are still 'honorary' and would be the most senior TA unit had it not been for their lack of loyalty. Then there is always the whole attestation thing...
  11. "Everyone has off days/you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs/I'm sure he did it with the best of intentions.............." :(

    He(not personally) slaughtered hundreds of my kinsmen at Worcester and Inverkeithing yet I still think we need the likes of him more than ever today
  12. Gents we swear for the Queen and swear at Tony.
    And the words differ in tone and meaning.
  13. Very good book ref Cromwell written by Kitson is 'Old Ironsides'
  14. Gentlemen, "The Queen" having had the Queen mum as my commander in chief for my 17 yrs it has to be!! God Blees her. Doing the job for Queen and country mostly Queen because half of the country don't give a s**t.

    D.D. :p
  15. I would side first and foremost with whoever would execute the PC brigade first. After which the next allegiance would be to whoever I could convince to send fire ships to France, and burn the feckers.

    Once all that is acheived, and I could not raise my own Army to ride to and wage war on London and crown me King. I would have to side with the Royals.

    Now then, in the years after the ECW2 as a soldier of HM I would be at the forefront of all battles for the retaking of once colonial lands, starting with Zimbabwe. Next would be the Americas, I would hold in high treason any leatherneck found with bagpipes and\or drums. Punishment would be life imprisonment with Jade Goody.