The 22 Wilderness Years

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by lunatic, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. 22 in the late 80´s was a sad excuse for a unit. Not the Guys in it, but the way it was run.

    The thought of being a "qualified" medic who's skills are honed by stacking tents and then un-stacking them makes me cringe. So unjust and un-professional.

    There was a funny side to it though, the Friday night fights with PFA and the boys going off to ward 11 for rehab in order to have a rest and earn their food and accommodation!

  2. What's unjust and un-professional is the perception of the 1980's CMT that he was a 'qualified medic' :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. when did 2 Field Hospital become 22 Field Hospital? was it 1988ish?

    in the 80's 2/22 Fd Hosp was the dumping ground for failed techies and dud MAs/CMTs. It only became more professional once 33 and 34 were formed, when it had some competition and someone decided to get its act together.
  4. Filbert I usually agree with most things you post however this statement is a complete load of b*llocks.

    I served at 22 from 88 - 92, I was a CMT and joined the unit straight from training, I agree it was a 'punishment' posting for the corps at the time and all the other arms that where at the unit, however the blokes might have been a bit wild (okay understatement), but when it was time to graft and do a job, we did it to a high standard and professionally (long before 33 and 34 came about).

    We also used to bang all the trolley dollies and nurses, batter all the techs, and drink all the beer at the Cambridge Club, so no wonder you 'techs/handbags' are always running us 22 boys of that time down. :D

    You can knock us all you want, but you are all jealous of those of us who were there, doing what most of you didn't have the balls to do.
  5. Fascinating as this historical thread is, is there a point to it?
  6. I cannot be arrsed to read it most medics are Walts!
  7. Well f*ck off back to the 'Real World' then.
  8. Hey Stan you are a bit touchy!
  9. Good call big Stan.22 Fd Hosp is the most decorated unit in the RAMC. You only have to walk the camp to see the tours it has done by the names of the blocks. Filbert this rubbish about 33 and 34 providing competition shows your lack of knowledge of the AMS. I would be interested to see how you quantify the KPI's of a good and bad unit and then qualify military indicators of competition. Maybe in your world it is the whiteness of your clogs!!
    PS Ive been watching the site for a few weeks to realise what a dull place this really is.
  10. Smithy, I fully accept that in the past Medics were briliant in the field and many were extremely brave men. Today ..? you take my point??
  11. Cheers smithy couldn't have the Unit getting slagged especially by a Tech!! :evil:
  12. clogs are blue now-a-days, come on, catch up!! :wink:
  13. Hooray! Smithy's back!
  14. tentage!

    but then again, without us clinical types field hosptals would just be a collection of tents filled with people saying that when they get out their going to:
    a. be a para medic
    b. work on the rigs
    c. stock up the freezers then crack on with the Pet food shelves :D