The 16 Para Bde Bomb Memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by zulu-uhlu, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. The local news in Aldershot have been spreading the rumour that the Bomb Memorial will have to move when the new housing estate, planned for Montgomery Lines is built!

    In 1972 the IRA bombed 16 Para Bde Officers Mess killing an Army Chaplain & 6 civilian workers at the mess.

    The Officers mess was demolished years ago & a memorial to those who died that day was erected on the site.

    The site now belongs to Defense Estates & access is strictly controlled by having to phone up prior to visiting. Not very satisfactory really, seeing as the camp is now boarded up until it's sold!

    The memorial site has been there for many years now & it would be an insult to those that died to move it so that a block of flats could be built there!

    There is a facebook page dedicated to this subject,
    "Friends of the Aldershot Bomb Memorial"
  2. That is appalling.

    I lived in Aldershot when that bomb went off (worked on the Aldershot News) and remember the building shaking when it happened. Quite a distance away from the mess. I also remember the police lifting all known Irish men from the pubs in Aldershot.

    Surely a military memorial can't be moved? Questioned because I'm not up on the protocol.
  3. Why not move it to the new home of the 16 Bde?

    Memorials sometimes have to move, would you prefer it to be vandalised by civvies when it ends up in the middle of an estate?
  4. Maybe they could move the way the second part of your comment is unnecessary. Of course I bloody wouldn't!
  5. Why the hell would anyone want to move it to Colchester. The bomb went off in Aldershot, that's part of history.
    Anything including your car could be vandalised, that's a pathetic excuse for moving it!
    That's just the sort of defeatist attitude that the MOD Defense Estates & the Builders are after!

    There are quite a number of relatives of the killed living in the area. They & those that were there when the bomb went off would be very upset about it being moved!
  6. My apologies, I forgot there that it was mostly civvies killed in the explosion... any real drama with moving the memorial from its current location to somewhere else more public? The Aldershot Church perhaps?

    Esp when this is added

    More here

    Rather than having a memorial in the middle of a new estate, why not move it to the Church or townhall (for example) so the family and friends can visit when they please? A picture of the barracks could be added to show what the place used to look like, and what it looked like on the day in question. T

    he memorial could be fleshed out a bit, with more infomation. This would better inform people who aren't old enough to remember the event. Not to make it a gawdy show, but a proper historical memorial.

    None of this can be done in its current position surely.

    I'd say the 7 victims families have, or should have, the greatest say in what should happen to the memorial.
  7. firstly chocolate_frog,

    I am in contact with several family members of those that were killed. They all say that they do not want it moved.

    What makes you think that it isn't in an appropriate place right now.

    It's current position is 100% perfect. The footprint of the Road & building has been landscaped with a memorial in the center.

    The only hindrance to visitors is access. At the moment access is gained by going through the whole of Montgomery lines, which by the way is unoccupied & boarded up. But you still have to have permission to go through. Defense Estates have said that an alternative entrance is possible.

    This could be from Knolly's road. All thats needed is to put an entrance in through the fence & if they really want the camp secure they can just re-route the fence around the site so that it is now outside of Montgomery lines. That shouldn't cost too much, seeing as they have spent 1000's on boarding up every single window in the camp, for what? Public money well spent yet again.

    As for the article in the Star newspaper which you produced a link for. This is exactly the dis-information I was talking about. What you read there was not true but cleverly twisted. For instance Angela Newell has fallen for this propaganda & quoted Dean Mansfield as saying that he wants it moved too. When in fact exactly the opposite is true. He would be very unhappy indeed if this were to happen.

    This is clearly an attempt by interested parties to undermine the integrity of the memorial in order to build more houses.

    And You chocolate_frog have been taken in by it.
  8. I wasn't taken in, I merely showed a report in which there were reletives claiming they would like to see the memorial moved. If someone you know has been misrepresented in this article then they should really take issue with the person who did so.

    Re the location. It has been nearly 40 years since the event, and the area is being massively revamped. Soon enough it will probably be hard enough to imagine a barracks there, let alone a hideous act carried out by craven scum.

    I really can't see a reason why the memorial shouldn't be removed to a place of safety and allowed to be developed and added to. As mentioned 40 years have passed, there will be people who do not know what happened. In its stead could be sited a smaller plaque, that says something along the lines of the date, event and breif synopis and direction to the location of the new plaque.

    At the new location, the old memorial could be set up and a few bits and pieces added. As mentioned a few pics of the barracks and the aftermath of the bombing, why the bombing occured (was it not revenge for Bloody Sunday?). If the families are agreeable, a few biographies of those who died, that would perhaps keep them in the minds of the good people of the 'Shot as people, not mere names on a plaque.

    Not saying any of this as a disinterested passer by or with a motive, just as how I would like to see a memorial connected to myself treated in similar circumstances.

    I can see why it is such a drama to get to the site of the current memorial as it stands, and why escorts etc would be required. I can't see the DE spending money on rerouteing fences due to be ripped down soon anyway.
  9. I understand that the local authority want to see it stay where it is. Ultimately it will be deep in private housing (when and if the land is sold and redeveloped).
  10. No mate, you're wrong there. It will not be deep inside a housing estate. It will be on the end next to Knolly's rd.

    So in other words still detached from the estate!
  11. chocolate_frog,

    You've got more patter than a thousand flip flops!

    You read, but don't digest. You like the sound of your own voice!

    You could talk a glass eye to sleep!

    The families are NOT agreeable for it to move!

    Of course you can't see the reason for it to stay............You weren't there that day!

    I was!