The 15 stone babies - channel 4

This could have potential for a weird sex thread.

Have you seen the furry people? They're kin great!


This video is absolutely brilliant.

They have sex wearing that.
I've always thoufht that what two (or more) consenting adults do in their home is fundamentally their business providing it is legal and consensual.

We all have different tastes and turn ons. But what i dont understand is how at 9am tomorrow these people are going to walk in public without thinking 'wtf have i just done?'
One good thing, they're probably not breeding.

Although having not grand slammed since I was 18 doesnt erase the clear memory of feeling distinctly like a 2 year old as I wallowed in my shit/piss/Sambuca laced vomit drenched pit praying to fucking God none of the family would burst in, I stuffed the lot in an old Crusader bergan and crept like a ninja to the other end of the farm and the safety of the shower.

Had to burn the bergan.
I sometimes wonder if Hitler was on the right track with some of his ideas?
Yeah, but some of his ideas were a bit shit.

Only eating veggies? That'll never catch on
Adult baby service is very expensive, much more so than the tie -me-up brigade, from providers... a mate of mine was saying.
The tarts probably charge more because it's so difficult for them to keep a straight face when dealing with these very odd people.

Crikey - I just Googled "adult baby service' and there's a shit-load (or should that be nappy-load) of hits. There's nowt so queer as folk, and that's just the straight ones.
Can't you just fake some cerebal palsy or something. Book yourself in for some minor op and blag some complications. Not only is it likely you can blag some wedge off the local NHS trust, you get to be spoon fed by apathetic 20-something Polish carers for the rest of your natural.

For some extra 'financial help', you can noshed off or a quick one off the wrist. Allegedly!
You laugh, some of the users on here look like some of these at even the whisper of that bloody rifle!! Give it another 10-20 years and you will have no choice on the matter in the nursing homes

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