The 15 laxatives I took last night had kicked in.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wait_out_131, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Heard some funny things in my time, just try and imagine the scene.
  2. fcuking student wankers.
  3. Obviously not content with just talking sh*t.. the sad thing is this tosser will probably come out with some hyped up degree in toilet cleaning etc

    The only thing wrong with this story that it wasn't an obituary!
  4. Eh? Sounds like the person in question has a serious health issue and was asking for help!

    Still amusing that they saht themselves, mind.
  5. There was something like this on a cycling forum that someone posted here earlier in the week.

    Is everyone turning to laxatives?
  6. Student takes 15 laxatives and his/her mates offer sympathy.

    Squaddy takes 15 laxatives and mates would probably offer money for the bet, or respect for a "man test". some squaddies might even take 15 laxatives for the hell of it.
  7. On reading this this is someone with a serious problem. They refer to purging and laxitives, they are either bulimic or anorexic or both. this is one sick person not deserving our mickey taking.
  8. "Purging?"
    There's a good way to purge something too calorific, it's called "pulling your f'king finger out and doing some hard graft".


    I might eat a load of shite like pizza and ready meals but at least I work it off on the rowing machine :D
  9. been there played it
    and lost me money and had to clean up afterwards!
  10. WAH!
  11. I once fed a matelot friend some *koff* raspberry flavoured painkillers to help his hangover......
  12. This person is very aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. They are using it now to attention seek, it's time for them to get a life.They deserve a damn good kicking let alone mickey taking. Wah wah wah poor them.Oh and considering they're living at home the parent/s need a kicking too for either not seeing what is going on or for allowing it to get to this stage.